Friday, December 31, 2010

In the noughties

I; became a teenager, stayed out all night, made new friends, had my first kiss, went overseas, learned to drive, performed, fell in love, laughed, went to university, got my first car, survived high school, got my first job, became a follower of Jesus Christ, cried (many, many times), moved out of home, got engaged, moved away from home, gained weight, got my first dog, learned many things about the world (not all of them good), bought a house, got married, had my first plane trip, lost my temper (numerous times), missed my family, got my first credit card, moved back home, had my first operation, lost touch with old friends, found a vocation, lost weight, gained a new family, started my own family, had a baby(!), lost my grandmother, learned lots of things about myself, loved.... lived.

I don't always do a New Year's resolution. But this year I am going to join the millions of other people around the world and make a resolution to lose weight. I want to get back into my healthy weight range so I have about 20kg to lose. I really want to stick to this, and as part of it am making a resolution to exercise for at least 30 minutes a day 6 days a week

I am also making a resolution this year, to not only be a Christian, but to be more like Christ. And I am also making a resolution to pray every single day for Shane's family. Since I really do believe that prayer is an incredibly powerful weapon- and this is such an important thing, I am committing to this. Because it is just devastating to think of the lack of faith that people- my family!- have. I am also committing to pray each day for Georgie and for Shane, because I know the power of a praying wife and mother.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

post christmas post :)

Christmas is over- and that is good. We spent this year's Christmas with Shane's family. We take it in turns each year which is the fairest way to do it I think. I find Christmas with Shane's family a little odd, because they just do the whole day differently to the way I have always done it with my family. I think I'm also just really used to Christmas with so many people. But I'm getting used to a quiet Christmas and in a way, it's nice.... at least you can hear yourself think! It gets a little full-on sometimes with my family!

We have been staying with Shane's family for over a week now because it has rained, and rained and rained and now our state has flooded- badly. Many of the roads have been cut for about 5 days and will probably cut for a few more yet. We just would like to go home! However, our house is not flooded, our town in not flooded, and we are not stuck in a hall or in a car somewhere- so I really cannot complain!

It's been a good Christmas really, it was lovely that we spent time with Shane's sister, as she had a little girl this year too, Cassi, who is only a month older than Georgie. It's really nice that we have cousins so close in age- it's very cute to watch the little girls playing- and getting spoiled rotten by their grandparents! I'm sure Christmas will get a lot more fun once those girls grow up!

Christmas Day was pretty nice. Shane and Georgie and I went for a walk, then we had a nice breakfast and then Shane, George and I went to church and that was really good. Then we came home and opened presents, and I did a fair bit of cooking. I made bacon and sage stuffed roast pork- which was super yummy even if I say so myself. For dessert we had mango coconut roll and chocolate bread and butter pudding- which was pretty good, especially considering I just made the bread and butter pudding up as I went along! Then the afternoon was spent just chilling.

It was a nice day and I'm pretty sure Georgie enjoyed herself- her first Christmas! She was so much more interested in the paper than the presents! But at the same time, it wasn't Christmas (if that makes sense?).

In my mind, Christmas is all about Jesus- even though I know that Christmas originally had nothing to do with Jesus and was a pagan festival that the Catholics stole... but still, it's a good opportunity to honour the baby Jesus and worship the gift God gave us. And even though we went to church- it just didn't really feel like that. But it was Christmas and it's done.

Anyway don't mind me, I'm tired and a bit tense. It's really late and I'm exhausted but just enjoying some down time with nobody else around. Georgie is sleeping peacefully (even though her teeth are driving her nuts!) and I'm just relishing the quiet. No photos to show as I don't have the camera cord.

But anyway, happy birthday Jesus. God, I really am grateful that you gave us your son- a baby- to save us. I think I understand and appreciate that gift even more now. I don't know how you gave a child to the world to crucify- but I am so glad you did, so that I could be free. And Jesus, I just pray that you would touch the hearts of Shane's family, that they might know the truth and the truth would set them free.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

And then there was Georgie

I was going to wait until her first birthday to write the story of how Georgie came into the world, but I was thinking about it the other day and I can already feel pieces of the day slipping away so I thought I'd write the post now while I can still remember it all well (mostly).

Georgina was born on a cold winter's day. About a week before we traveled down and stayed in the city because we were going to have her there in a private hospital. We went down when I was 38 weeks pregnant. I'd had a pretty good pregnancy, my only real trouble being my back. My pelvis went out a lot so I went to the physio weekly to put it back in... fortunately this is only a pregnancy related condition- I'm so glad it got better afterward!

So yeah, Shane and I went down at 38 weeks and he stayed with me for a few days (and he was sick- poor boy!) and then Mum and Dad came down and stayed with me when Shane had to go back to work. He'd only been back home one day and I had my 39 week appointment on a Tuesday at the Doctor's. We went in and my blood pressure had gone up a fair bit (something that also happened to Mum during her first pregnancy) so I was admitted into the hospital for overnight observation. By that point I was starting to get a little bit worried.... I've never been good with surprises- and that was definitely an unexpected change of plans!

So I spent a horribly uncomfortable night hooked up to the monitor- and I had the light on the whole night.... unfortunately my admitting midwife had turned it on for the first round of nightly obs and I didn't realise I could turn it off! Plus I was a little worried... so that wasn't a great night!

The next morning (Wednesday) the Doctor came to see me, and decided that he wanted to induce me because he wasn't happy with my blood pressure- I was not thrilled! He was talking about inducing me the following Monday, but then he decided, "No, let's get that baby out today!" Cue frantic phone call to Shane to get his behind back here Now!

So they used some inducing Gel- which wasn't terribly nice and discovered that the baby was lying posterior (fun for me!) then Mum and I went for a walk round the hospital. The whole day was spent walking and I started getting little doing-nothing contractions. (apparently you were quite happy in there Miss Georgina!) In the afternoon, Shane arrived and we went to the labour ward to get more gel in with a nasty midwife who told me that I was not in labour even though the contractions were getting closer and stronger and then told me I would probably not have the baby until the next day. (She was very, very nasty) I was a bit stressed and tired by then since I was all set to have the baby- like I said before I'm not a plan changer! However I had to be that night! So then mum stayed the night with me since Shane was a bit knackered and still pretty sick and they ended up giving me a shot of pethadine to help me sleep.

The next morning (Thursday) I went up to the birthing suite and Shane was back up early but he was really sick. So they gave me more induction gel which really started getting the contractions going, but I was not dialating hardly at all, only a measly 2 centimeters! Mum went home to bed and my sister Jenny, (who is a nurse and happened to be up with her family for holidays) came to stay with me while Mum slept and Shane went to the doctors... It was all fun and games my friends- I'm telling you! They gave me more pethadine and I tried to nap, but was feeling pretty exhausted by then and man those contractions were starting to hurt! and my back was getting really bad! and another mean midwife tried to send Jenny home but she didn't get her way :)

Then Shane came back and he had a throat infection and was feeling pretty icky and I was moving around heaps and getting lots of back rubs because I was not happy! and then the Doctor arrived. He wanted to break my waters because I still wasn't doing much dilating and he also wanted to give me an epidural since I was pretty tired by then and he didn't think I'd be able to last that thing out unless I had one... so we decided to go the epidural. So I had a shower (hot water helps lots) and the anesthesiologist came and gave me the shot and oh, was it good!

So then I was feeling much better and rested a while, and I don't even really remember the Dr breaking my waters. Then Mum came back and Mum and Jenny and Shane all talked and I just kinda lay there not feeling too bad compared to my earlier owchies! And then a nice midwife came on with another nice student midwife (Thank you God!) and the midwife announced that I had diallated to 7cm and maybe I was going to have this baby today after all- and we were all woohoo! and the nice midwife let Mum and Jenny and Shane stay which was very nice of her seeing as how I was only supposed to have 2 people at the very most. Then things started getting a bit confused, I think my epidural went funny because my blood pressure dropped and I threw up, but then they fixed it with a bowl-somethingorrather. Then I was at 10cm and things really started happening!

They rang the Doctor and it hurt! and I was sick again, and then I had to start pushing but I didn't think it was time to push yet- but I had to, and apparently I was very quiet during the process but everything seemed so loud in my head and then the Doctor arrived and Georgie was being a little difficult and not in quite the right position and she was kind of stuck and I remember crying out "It's not going to happen! I can't do it! " and I think it must have been taking too long and the Dr decided that the baby might have been in a bit of distress so the he decided the baby needed out Now! So he ended up using the vacuum on her little head.

And then, it was there! The baby was there! And I remember saying "It's a boy!" because all her girl bit were swollen- and mum saying, "No it's a girl!" and I remember holding her for a second and then they took her away to see how she did on the apgar test and I couldn't hear her cry and I was frantically asking "Is she breathing?!" but she was fine! and Shane and I were crying and laughing and looking at each other and it was so amazing and weird and wow! And then I held her and she was My Baby! All mine! And I remember being so in love but so terrified and it was one of the best moments of my life.

Georgina and her Mummy.

Daddy (with a mask on so he wouldn't make her sick) and his little girl.

Beautiful girl. Born 7 pounds 3 ounces.

Her poor head where the suction cup hurt her!

Daddy giving her her first bath.

Myself, Mum, Jenny and Georgie.

All set to go home!

First night in her own bed

Georgie, I am so glad God gave you to us. I love you so very much.

These are a few of my favourite things...

The other day I watched 'The Holiday' and I think it has to be my favourite Christmas movie. I think I love it so much because of the soundtrack. There's something about the music that just gets me, you know? Hanz Zimmer is an incredibly talented composer. It's just so beautiful!

In Georgie news- she is 6 months in weeks now, but probably only really 5 and a half months. She is sitting up a little, but very wobbly! She is also so desperate to crawl! She's pushing herself around a lot but she gets incredibly frustrated when she can't get to where she wants to go. Her new favourite pastime is chewing paper, Christmas paper especially! I've really got to watch her now because if I don't catch her quick enough, paper becomes a huge slobbery choking hazard.

Yesterday I stumbled across this blog. It's really worth a read. The little girl, Amber is adorable, and it's just so amazing to read their journey with her. She has health problems and will be lucky to see her tenth birthday. But it's an incredible read, and her mother's faith is very inspirational. It's a story I hope I never forget, but I'm sure I will. It's funny, I wish it wasn't so easy to forget the important things... but at the same time, that ability we have to forget things we wish we would remember is also the same ability that helps a parent smile again after they have lost a child, or helps a child with a horrible past grow to become a happy adult- and I really wouldn't wish that away.

Anyway, today has been terribly busy (which is to be expected the weekend before Christmas) and this post has taken me all day to write and I am so exhausted! So it's off to bed now!

I'll end with more beautiful music, this is one of my favourite songs, done by the Vitamin string quartet who do their own version of many beautiful songs. This is 'A Bittersweet Symphony' by 'The Verve', I walked down the aisle to Shane with this song playing.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

the story about the bald frog with the wig

I was updating my profile and ran into a new random question, which was The children are waiting! Please tell them the story about the bald frog with the wig: and the story I wrote was a bit too long to fit into my profile, so here it is.

Once upon a time there was a Frog.

Now this frog was a bit of an odd frog, he didn't think he made a very good frog, so he decided he wanted to be a Monkey. First he ran into the Toad.
"Hello Toad!" He said.
"Hello Frog!" Toad called back.
"Oh, I'm not a frog anymore" said the Frog. "I'm a monkey."
"Well then you should be eating a banana then, that way everyone would know you were a monkey" the toad replied. So the frog went and got a banana.

Next he ran into the bird. "Hello bird!" called the frog.
"Hello frog!" said the bird.
"Oh I'm not a frog anymore" the frog said. "I'm a monkey".
"Oh." said the bird. "Well maybe you should be hanging in a tree then, so that we can see that you're a monkey, because monkeys hang in trees."
'That's true!' thought the frog, so, banana in hand, the frog went and hung in a tree.

In the tree he met a lizard. "Hello Lizard!" cried the frog.
"Hello frog!" called the lizard, "Why are you in a tree with a banana?"
"Because I'm not a frog anymore. I'm a monkey!" replied the frog.
"Well if you want to look more like a monkey why don't you get some hair? Everyone knows monkeys have hair!" said the Lizard.
"He's right!" Said the frog. So he went and bought himself a wig.

Then, banana in hand, wig on head, he went to hang in a tree. He saw a monkey. "Hello fellow monkey!" He cried.
"Fellow monkey? What are you on about frog?" The monkey said.
"I've decided that I'm not a frog anymore," replied the frog. "I'm a monkey"
The monkey said . "Why?"
"Well because I don't think I make a very good frog." answered the frog.
"Now listen here frog," said the monkey. "I can call myself a bird until I'm blue in the face, and can even dress up like one. But If I jump out of this tree do you think I'll fly?"
"Well.. probably not" said the frog.
"Exactly. Now you can call yourself a monkey if you want, but God made you a frog. So instead of trying to be monkey, why don't you go out and be the best frog you can be?"

So the frog got rid of his wig, (which was really itchy anyway) gave the monkey his banana, (which he didn't really like either) and got out of the tree (which was a good thing because he was scared of heights). And then he went off to be a fabulously fantastic frog.

Now I really am going to go do the folding, I swear!

Ha Ha! Found the camera!

So I finally found the camera (or to be more accurate, started looking for the camera and remembered where I put it). And then after about 10 minutes of searching high and low for the silly cord that connects the camera to the computer I went downstairs to get Shane. And then wouldn't you know it?... as soon as he sighed in a very long-suffering way and came upstairs, I found it! :) Shane just patted me on the head, sighed again and went back downstairs to the shed to make somethingoranother. I think I must posses a wonderful gene or something in me, because I can make my husband and my father sigh in the exact same way.

But anyway! Here's a picture of her royal cuteness and the tongue!

It's out all the time lately! When that tongue's out you know she's happy! I haven't yet taken a photo of the sunnies on her yet- but that will come!

Now I'm off to go do this

Before this

Wakes up.

Oh how I really hate folding! Seriously, I would rather clean the bathroom than fold... in fact I would rather do almost anything than fold! Isn't it funny how most people just have that one horrible housework-y job that they detest? However, I have a husband who seems to wear an awful lot of clothes, a child who likes to poop on an awful lot of clothes, and an unfortunate tendency to ignore the folding in the hope that it will go away (it never does) until it reaches horrifyingly large proportions. See you on the other side!

And another cute photo for good measure :) They are really good friends now! Do you know how many attempts it takes to get a dog and a baby to look at the camera at the same time?

14. :)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Not too much going on at the moment- just gearing up for Christmas. I've done almost all the Christmas shopping, we just have to get a present for Shane's Dad, and I need help with that one! Boys are so hard to shop for! Mind you, in saying that, I think I married the easiest man to shop for ever! Because Shane has so many interests you can always think of something to get him.... he loves music and plays the bass, ukulele, piano, drums and guitar, with the bass being his first and main instrument and the rest being ones he is picking up and learning along the way. He also loves computers and design- he's constantly getting calls from somebody asking for help with their computer, and he designed our church's website this year. He also loves gardening and is starting our veggie garden, plus he is very interested in all things Biblical. He listens to Chuck Missler and Chuck Smith an awful lot, especially when he's driving, and he loves reading biblical commentaries and historical commentaries. He's currently reading about Josephus, who was a historian around the time of Jesus. So yeah! It's a very talented and interesting guy I married! The only problem is that, most of of the time, what Shane wants is very expensinve! For his birthday this year he got the ukelele, which wasn't very cheap. For Christmas he wants this Bible software, Logos- it's not as expensive as many other things he's wanted, but it's still over $200... so we'll see.

It's funny because here's me currently thinking, ' I really need a hobby!'- just so I have something else outside of housework and children and cooking. It'd be nice to have something permanent to do, that I could do and look back on and go- "I did this. It has been completed and I do not have to go back and do it again tomorrow!" But I'm really not into knitting or sewing... I love the idea of knitting and sewing, but when it comes to the actually knitting and sewing- I'm just not there! I broke my mum's sewing machine once by getting it all tangled.

This year I've decided I want to try a bit of Christmas baking. I thought it would be really nice to do some cooking and give that as presents for some people who we love- but to try to keep the cost down. We have so many people who we would love to give presents to, but it gets so expensive, where do you draw that line? Plus, my family is pretty big, we had about 20 people to shop for this year with both of our families- and it's nice to give presents to friends as well- so hopefully the baking goes well!

In Georgie news- we are getting teeth and it is SO not fun! I said to Shane the other day that I would seriously prefer to be pregnant for another 3 months and have her come out with teeth- man it would be good! The poor darling is doing okay, but she just doesn't cope that well with pain... but fortunately this is only a season. And one day when we are worrying about boyfriends and friends and the like, I'm sure I'll look back on the teething with longing!

She's getting super cute lately. She has this little habit where she poked her tongue out- so funny! She's also getting really interested in our dog, Chloe. She was on the couch with me on my lap, and Chloe was next to us last night, and Georgie started leaning over and as soon as she started touching Chloe she started giggling- it was so funny! Then Shane started playing fetch with Chloe and it was just so hilarious watching Georgie's face- she really loves that puppy! I have taken some cute photos of her poking out her tongue, and there are also some funny ones of her with some sunglasses on, but I just can't find the camera at the moment- so hopefully next time I'll put those photos up!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Christmas is here!

Christmas has arrived! It's a little early, but I've been feeling pretty icky, and yesterday was a particularly ordinary day and I decided that the perfect way to make things brighter was to put up the tree and decorate the house for Christmas!

Here is Australia we probably don't make as big of a deal about Christmas as our American counterparts- but personally, it has always been my favourite holiday. Partly because I'm not a big fan of Easter chocolate, (seriously- Easter egg chocolate is always so much cheaper and nastier than a good quality chocolate bar) but also because I love the family getting together and just the reason for Christmas.

I really enjoy decorating the house, and I have started a tradition in the past few years of putting on my Third Day Christmas Offerings album- and Oh, it's just so much fun! The only thing that could make it better is snow!

But this year was extra fun, because I had Georgie with me. Now, she didn't really do much decorating, or any at all, really. But she lay under the tree and giggled and laughed and made happy noises while looking at the lights and decorations- so that was pretty great!

Georgie's view of the tree

In other news, Georgie is 5 months and 1 week old. Today we discovered she has ticklish feet! Very cute. Her laugh is so wonderful! She has also been a bit grumpy in these last few days... I think the poor thing has inherited her Mummy's allergies, plus the reflux is flaring up again. So, back to the Doctor again, but yeah- that's how it goes!

We're thinking of going to the city on Monday for a few days, since Shane hasn't been able to work for a while because it's raining so much, plus, his parents are going down as well. But I tell you what, even though it's been a bit hard this year because of all the rain and Shane not being able to work when it's raining- it's been good. I mean, the fact that he's been going a bit crazy because he needs to work hasn't been fun, (I don't think their trucks or work shed has ever been so organized!), and financially things are pretty tough (Thank Goodness we can stay at Shane's parents house when we're away) but still, Georgina has developed such a close bond with her Daddy, and he's just fallen so hard in love with her... so I'm still very grateful to God for this time we've had together as a family. It's been almost 5 years since Shane and I got married, and I think my love for him now is stronger than it ever was. Sure things are still hard, and we have those times when things are really sucky.... but I think having a child really cements a relationship in a very solid way. It did for us anyway.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Georgie at 5 months loves playing piano with her Daddy.

It was supposed to be a video but blogger is being spooty and won't let it load.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Last week we took Georgie for her first swim.

It was so much fun!

She kicked and smiled and splashed- I could not believe how much she enjoyed herself... especially because the water was still a bit cold.

She didn't even get grumpy when she got out!

Georgie, you are awesome!

I look forward to many more happy afternoons spent in the water with you.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Grandma.... and Georgie

I haven't posted in a while. It's been a little hard losing my Grandma. It's funny, I haven't been terribly upset about it- I haven't even cried! but I think I've been putting off posting about it, because it will make it seem very real. But I've decided to talk about it now.

On Saturday the 30th of October at 3am, Grandma passed away. She has had a few different types of cancer on and off since 1997- and has done very well for her age. But her body finally gave out. Grandma always had a lot of faith, and one of the last things she said to me on the Friday before she died was "I'm waiting for God to wake me up." She was so ready to go, and knew exactly where she was going- so it only hurt a little.

She loved you Georgie, when your Dad and I first bought a house, we bought the house next to her, and we used to go over there all the time. Your Dad used to mow her lawn. She got sicker right after you were just born, and she wasn't really up to much, but she always loved seeing you, we used to visit her every afternoon. Now it's a bit hard not having here next door. But I know we will see her in heaven.

In other news, Georgie- you are getting so big! You are 4 months and 3 weeks old now! I can't believe that I'm counting how old you are in months- it's insane! So I thought I'd post a few photos to show what you have been up to.

This is what you looked like in the car when we first brought you home from the hospital.

and this is you in your car seat now- I can't believe how much you've grown! (Plus I love how it looks like you have a little halo :)

You've been making friends with Chloe. You watch her all the time and are just so interested in her! She isn't quite so sure about you yet....

You love having a bath! You laugh and smile and kick and splash- it's so much fun to watch you!

You have discovered toys and EVERYTHING is in your mouth! I think that this may also be related to teeth though- they have already started to bother you, we've had lot of temperatures and grizzling in these past couple of weeks- but you're doing okay!

You've also discovered your thumb!

We've been trying little bits of fruit, and after I gave you a piece of melon to suck on and you almost inhaled it because Mummy was too busy talking (I know!) I decided to get one of these nifty things! They're great! You pop the fruit in the little bag and then there's no choking hazard!

In the photo it kinda looks like I'm just shoving the thing down your neck, but really you were having your first taste of mango and you were going to town on that little mesh bag!

You are so lovely. Your smile brightens up every day- and you are adorable (even if you don't have hair yet!)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Dear Georgie,

Tomorrow we are going to Great Grandma's funeral.

She loved you very much.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Great Grandma is very sick and I don't think she'll be here for much longer.

She has had cancer for a very long time, and God has kept her well and healthy for a very long time. But I think it is almost her time to go. We went to see her in hospital, and Georgie, she loves you very much. She is very glad that she got to see you. God is being so good to us, because even though she has just refused all medication- she is in no pain. Now she just sleeps a lot. I think she will go to be with Jesus very soon.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

It's hard.... and the story of Us

I've been extremely flat lately. Georgie, you had your 4 month needles yesterday and have been a bit grumpy. Plus I think I've been coming down to earth from all the stress of everyone being sick. And great grandma still isn't doing too well.

I think it's just very difficult making the switch from being a full time worker to a full time mummy. I worked in childcare before you were born and I loved it. I loved the busyness and the children- and part of me would love to go back.... but the other stronger part never ever would, because I couldn't stand the thought of working with other children while somebody else had you. Plus, I know that nobody could ever care about you as much or as well as I could. And I know that even on days when I don't like you, and you cry and make me want to run away. I still love you. And somebody who is paid to care for you doesn't... and that makes the world of difference. Plus I know that you are growing, and eventually we will play together, and hopefully one day you will have brothers or sisters, and then I will be so busy I won't know what to do!

But right now, it's still hard.

I went to playgroup today and you know what? I think having a baby has made me stupider... I have forgotten how to talk to people! I almost feel like the world has left me behind. I just feel so removed from my life. I feel like a completely different person and I'm still trying to figure out who that person is. Plus it doesn't help that the pregnancy weight is not coming off very easily (or at all) and all I want to do is go for a swim or go to the gym and do an exercise class- but that's just not possible. Shane has been too busy at work to let me go out, and I don't really want to be continuously bothering Grandma or your aunties- it's just tough.

Now Georgie, this isn't about you- I would not give you up for anything, and I love you and enjoy you so much! But being a mum can be very difficult, you'll probably feel exactly the same one day.

So anyway, I thought instead of continuing to feel ordinary and icky. I might try something to help pick things up a bit. So, I'm going to tell you the story of how your Dad and I first met.

We went to the same school and he was in the grade above mine. I can honestly say I never even knew who Shane was before our friendship groups started hanging out. Your Dad kept under the radar a fair bit during middle school. But then, when I was in Grade 11, and he was in Grade 12, our groups started hanging out. And my best friend started going out with one of his friends. So we were all together during lunch breaks, and then we began inviting each other to parties. I started noticing Shane, and he started noticing me, and eventually we spent a fair bit of time together.

I remember it was one of my friends parties, and we were both out on the deck in some hammocks, and Shane told me "I think I'm in love with you." And he cried! He used to be very sweet and sensitive, and even though he's changed a lot and toughened up and seems different now- he's still like that underneath. You know what's terrible? I don't even remember what I said back to him that night! But anyway, we started dating, and got a bit too close- but fortunately God had his hand on both of us and He reached Shane and so he became a Christian and he started coming to church with me.

We continued dating when Shane went away to Uni, decided not to go, came back, I did Grade 12, Shane studied IT and then we moved away. Then we got engaged even though I was only 17 and your Dad was only 18. Then I lived on-campus at University and studied teaching, and your Dad went to Bible College. That summer, we came back home and got married. I was 18 and Shane was 19 by then.

Georgie, I would not have chosen to get married at 18. Sometimes I think it it would have been nice to have been single for a while and maybe traveled- just done things differently. But you don't pick the timing when you meet the person you love. And I think that maybe it was God's protection over us. Getting married young was hard, but it was also wonderful. Your Dad is the only man I have ever kissed, slept with, or loved.

Anyway, since then, we have lived away for a year, I decided that I didn't want to teach and started working in childcare instead. We moved back home to family, Shane started working for his parents driving trucks, we bought a house, got a dog, traveled, and then, four years after we got married, you were born!

Georgie, I do not regret any of it. Things have been difficult at times, but they have also been wonderful. And right now, my life may not be that exciting or glamorous... but it is a good life.

Friday, October 22, 2010


You are nothing like I imagined my baby would be.

You are so much better.

Yesterday we were playing on the bed- and you just would not stop smiling! You have the most wonderful smile- it makes everything nice! On Thursday you were 4 months old, and you are getting so big!

Everything has settled down with Daddy and Poppy. Dad is fine- the biopsy results came back good, and Poppy ended up having a heart bypass because he had a huge blockage in his artery... but he is fine! We went down in the city while he had his operation. George- for future reference, Never stay in a studio apartment with a baby! We were very cramped and stressed by the time we got home! But Poppy did incredibly well and flew home 5 days after his operation! He was very happy to see you when he got home.

So we are just getting back into routine- you are sleeping all night again and Mummy couldn't be happier. You are also staring to move lots! On Monday I discovered that you can roll from you back to your tummy now! You may have done it before now, but this is the first time I noticed! And you have also been figuring out how to lift up the top of your body and the bottom of your body- just get them working together and you'll be crawling- such a clever girl!

Love you,

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Last week when we were away we took some beautiful pictures of you- I just wanted to put one up cause you are so adorable sometimes I just want to hug you so tight I almost squeeze you! Funny side note: Once when you were about 10 weeks old I think, you're dad picked you up and gave you a big hug and said "I just want to hug you until you pop into a rainbow!" and you burst into tears!- very cute!

I also made a caramel nut tart and a berry and marscapone tart last week for a church fundraiser and I was so proud of the results I just had to show off!
Dear Georgie,

Lately things have been a bit hard. Daddy had a bone marrow biopsy because he's had a few funny things going on so we are waiting on the results for that. And it makes me a bit frightened.

Great Grandma Shirley (who we named you after) has been very sick for a while with Cancer she has been getting worse and Grandma has been living with her for a while. Pretty much since you were born. And now poor Grandma is getting too worn out looking after her, so Grandma and Poppy went on a holiday to have a break. While they were on holiday Poppy started getting breathless so he decided to go to the hospital and now he is in hospital tonight because they don't think his heart is too good. And poor old Grandma is all alone away- it's just so difficult!

But you, oh sweetheart, you are just like a rainbow that God put in our lives. You make everything so much better when you smile. You are such a cuddly little thing and you really do help. So Thank you Georgina. You don't know it, but you are really helping me and Dad. You're helping us to love each other and appreciate life and see the good, instead of just getting stressed and anxious.

Today you are 14 weeks old, and you are lovely. I love you so much.

Love Mummy

P.S- Georgie, no matter what happens with Daddy, or Poppy or Great Grandma. You should know that we still love God, and you should too. No matter what happens in life, he is God. It's that simple. He doesn't make the bad things happen to hurt us, but he has to allow the bad things to happen because he can't protect us from everything, otherwise we wouldn't really be living. And I promise you, you can see Daddy, Poppy and Great Grandma in heaven. :)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dear Georgie,

This week you are 12 weeks old and you have done two very funny things.

On Monday Daddy was eating a lemon, and decided to give you a little taste, so he put a little drop on his finger and gave you his finger to suck. Oh how I wish I'd had a camera! You were so funny! There was a two second delay and then you pulled the funniest face ever! Mummy and Daddy were in hysterics. You grimaced and smacked your lips and looked so surprised! We may be mean parents, but, oh, it was so funny!

Then on Wednesday night I was giving you a bath. I've been hopping in the bath with you and we've had lots of fun together, we sing and you splash and kick and play. You LOVE being on your tummy in the bath for some reason, which means you get the occasional mouthful of water, but you're tough! Anyway, on Wednesday you'd been a bit grumpy and then you got a lot happier in the bath, and right towards the end you did an enormous poo in the bath all over Mummy and yourself.... I was not very pleased!

Anyway I should go now, I'm not sleeping very well as I'm a little worried because your Dad has had some interesting blood tests lately and the Doctors did an ultrasound and saw that his spleen was a bit large, so they have decided to do a bone marrow biopsy on him next week. Poor Daddy! It's going to hurt a lot, I know, because I had to have one when I was 17. But at least Dad is going to go under general anesthetic... So it's another trip to the city next week! I'm a bit scared but your Dad seems healthy so we are hoping for the best and trusting God. He loves this family more than I do, and we love him- so all will be well, even if it's not always in the way we think.

I love you, you are wonderful.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Happy Fathers Day Shane!

Tomorrow it is Fathers Day, so I've been up a little late getting things nice for tomorrow. The house is nice and I ironed Shane's clothes so they're all ready for church in the morning. The poor boy worked today from 4am until 6pm, and then drove back from the town he was working at which was a 2 hour drive. Plus it was raining and storming- so not a good drive. I was praying heaps for him to get home safe, I really don't know what I would do if something bad ever happened to him. As soon as Shane walked through the door he picked up Georgie (who was rather grizzly) and cuddled her for about half an hour.

Georgie, your Dad really couldn't love you more.

I bought Shane a lovely children's book called "My Daddy thinks he's funny" I thought it was so cute and a great present. I had no idea what to get him, but my sister Cathy came up with the idea- she's brilliant. I never know what to get people, and I would love to have the gift of being able to get people really wonderful presents. I am determined to start Christmas shopping soon, so that I can get on top of it early and buy people things that they actually want and like, and not just bestow useless junk upon them like I normally do.

Just so you don't think that everything in my life is all sunshine and roses, I'll let you know that I've actually had a horrible week. I've been really tired, my hormones have been all over the place, I just want to do something exciting and different, and I've been taking it out on poor Shane. Plus, on Tuesday I got the Implanon birth control rod inserted in my arm, and for the next few days I think my milk must have changed a bit, because Georgie really wasn't fussed on it. But I'll see how things go.

Also I'm getting really sick of having to eat plain boring bland food. It's been 9 weeks now, and I really want something spicy or even just an orange- but poor Georgie just reacts so badly with alot of things I have to keep my diet really simple. Georgie, I love you and you are worth it, but sometimes I would love to give you a bottle for a day, just so I could go have yummy chinese or something! But I really do believe that breastfeeding is better for you, even if it does hurt and can be difficult, it still is much easier than having to worry about sterilizing bottles!

Anyway, enough rambling, I really should go to bed, Goodnight.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Letter to Georgie

Dear Georgina,

Today you are 8 weeks old and you had your first lot of immunization needles. You were so good! You were asleep and sitting on my lap, and then the Doctor and the Nurse jabbed you on both legs at the same time, and oh, you screamed! Your little face went as red as a strawberry and you took ages to catch your breath and you cried and cried, but then 5 minutes later you had settled down and gave us smiles as if to say 'Needles, what needles?' You really are lovely.

Your Dad was home today because it was raining and he couldn't work, so came too. He couldn't watch- deep down your Dad really is a big softie who loves you so much... I just really want you to know this now so that in years to come when he loses his temper with you, or tells you no, and you just don't understand him, and you feel like he doesn't love you, you can read this and know how special you are to him.... Why even when you were first born he connected with you much quicker than I did, he would just hold you and look at you for hours- he still does! You have a pretty special Dad Georgie, don't ever forget that!

Right now you've just had your last feed and you've conked out in my arms, you really are so beautiful- God did something very special when he made you.

Georgie, I don't know what you're going to be like or who you're going to grow up to be, but please, be God's. You can be whatever you like, but you must follow God and love Jesus. I just don't think heaven could be heaven without you. If you only learn one thing from me, please let it be that.

I love you,


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Letter from Georgie

I just wanted to post a letter I emailed to friends and family last week:

Dear friends and admirers,

Today I am 6 weeks and 6 days old. I am getting much bigger and at my last visit to the Doctor I weighed almost 4 kilograms. I have also grown 6 centimeters and am now 56 centimeters long! I can finally fit into 000 clothes; I have been pretty small for a while!

For the first two weeks of life I was pretty sleepy and I had a sore head from the nasty suction thing that pulled me into this world, but now I am a lot more awake and my head feels better. I am starting to feel happier and smile at people. I smile at Daddy heaps, Mummy says it’s because Dad has such a funny looking face, but really, I just like him.

I have had a sore tummy for a while, once it was very bad and Granny Kay came and spent the night and snuggled with me, and Grandma Cooper has also come to cuddle me sometimes when mummy gets a bit grumpy, but now I have medicine that is helping to make the pain in my pudding house all better. I am a very lucky girl to have all of my Grandparents and three Aunties and two Uncles live nearby so I get lots of cuddles!

I enjoy my bath very much but I don’t like getting out of the bath, it is too cold and I don’t like getting dressed! Sometimes to be cheeky I will widdle all over Daddy just after I have had a bath! It’s funny- Dad thought having a girl would be easier but I‘ve shown him! I haven’t gotten Mummy yet... but I will. Sometimes I have big pains and make smelly messes in my nappy. When I make big messes Daddy says that there are no such things as princesses, but I am a princess really... I’m just a smelly one sometimes!

For a while there I was confused about what my name was. I get called so many things! Possum, poppet, blossom, sweetheart, princess, stinky-bum, button, monkey, Georgie, sweetie, Cuddly Koala, darling... it was so difficult! But don’t worry, I’ve figured it out now, my name must be Chloe!

I am starting to sleep in my own bed a lot more now, it used to be pretty lonely there so I’ve been sleeping with Mummy, but she keeps on putting me in my bed, so I guess that’s where I have to sleep. It’s not so bad in my cradle if Mum puts on some music. I love songs by Dean Martin and Jack Johnson because they are the songs Daddy sings and plays to me. I also sleep with my dummy, and sometimes I get very cross when I lose my dummy!

I am a very clever girl, I rolled over for the first time when I was 13 days old, (mummy called it my advanced child moment) and have been rolling over a fair bit ever since then. I used to only roll over when I got really upset on my tummy, but now I am starting to do it more and more.
It’s hard work being a baby but I am getting bigger and bigger everyday and changing and growing all the time. Thank you all for caring about me

Love, Georgina

I thought it was pretty clever of you George!

*Also for those of you who don't know- Chloe is our dog :)

Happy Birthday Grandma!

Yesterday was my Mum's birthday. I went out for dinner with Mum, Dad and my sisters while Shane stayed home with Georgie. I had had a really bad day with her and was super stressed so I was really grateful to him but I was also a little worried about how she would go for him as she has been very grumpy lately with lots of green poo- Also why does nobody tell you about how much you are going to have to watch what you eat when you breastfeed? Poor Georgie and I have learned the hard way about what I can and cannot eat, and we're still learning!

But anyway, while I was out I texted Shane asking if everything was okay, this is the sms I got back:

"Ur missing heaps! So far she has sat up, started to crawl, she then began to walk, little bugger then saddled up the pup rode around the back yard then did a back flip stopped, n said dad stop sending mummy silly text messages! All is good, have fun!"

Georgie, I love your Dad so much, he is a hilarious wonderful man. He loves you very much.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dear Georgie

Dear Georgie,

Today you are almost 6 weeks and 6 days old. I was talking to Aunty Jenny about something you had done and realized that it is so easy to forget all the things you do. So I've decided to start writing you letters so that we will both be able to remember.

I'll start with today. Today you were lovely. Last night you slept in your cradle all by yourself all night! I was so excited :) Most of the time you end up sharing the bed with me while your poor dad ends up sleeping in the office because he's too tired to be woken up by you- especially when he has to go to work and drive trucks the next day. So I was pretty happy- maybe soon I can sleep with dad again!

You woke up at 4:30am for a feed and Daddy was just getting up to go to work, so he was pretty happy to get to see you for some extra time. You were wearing a little red suit and gave him big smiles and he thought you were lovely. He called you a little Elmo.

This morning we went downtown and had coffee with Grandma , Aunty Jenny, Hamish and Aimee. Well I had coffee anyway, you slept most of the time. But it was nice to go out.

Anyway, I better go because you are starting to wake up and I still have washing to hang out, but I just wanted to let you know that I love you so very much. I am very grateful to God that he gave you to us.

Love, mummy.
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