Thursday, December 30, 2010

post christmas post :)

Christmas is over- and that is good. We spent this year's Christmas with Shane's family. We take it in turns each year which is the fairest way to do it I think. I find Christmas with Shane's family a little odd, because they just do the whole day differently to the way I have always done it with my family. I think I'm also just really used to Christmas with so many people. But I'm getting used to a quiet Christmas and in a way, it's nice.... at least you can hear yourself think! It gets a little full-on sometimes with my family!

We have been staying with Shane's family for over a week now because it has rained, and rained and rained and now our state has flooded- badly. Many of the roads have been cut for about 5 days and will probably cut for a few more yet. We just would like to go home! However, our house is not flooded, our town in not flooded, and we are not stuck in a hall or in a car somewhere- so I really cannot complain!

It's been a good Christmas really, it was lovely that we spent time with Shane's sister, as she had a little girl this year too, Cassi, who is only a month older than Georgie. It's really nice that we have cousins so close in age- it's very cute to watch the little girls playing- and getting spoiled rotten by their grandparents! I'm sure Christmas will get a lot more fun once those girls grow up!

Christmas Day was pretty nice. Shane and Georgie and I went for a walk, then we had a nice breakfast and then Shane, George and I went to church and that was really good. Then we came home and opened presents, and I did a fair bit of cooking. I made bacon and sage stuffed roast pork- which was super yummy even if I say so myself. For dessert we had mango coconut roll and chocolate bread and butter pudding- which was pretty good, especially considering I just made the bread and butter pudding up as I went along! Then the afternoon was spent just chilling.

It was a nice day and I'm pretty sure Georgie enjoyed herself- her first Christmas! She was so much more interested in the paper than the presents! But at the same time, it wasn't Christmas (if that makes sense?).

In my mind, Christmas is all about Jesus- even though I know that Christmas originally had nothing to do with Jesus and was a pagan festival that the Catholics stole... but still, it's a good opportunity to honour the baby Jesus and worship the gift God gave us. And even though we went to church- it just didn't really feel like that. But it was Christmas and it's done.

Anyway don't mind me, I'm tired and a bit tense. It's really late and I'm exhausted but just enjoying some down time with nobody else around. Georgie is sleeping peacefully (even though her teeth are driving her nuts!) and I'm just relishing the quiet. No photos to show as I don't have the camera cord.

But anyway, happy birthday Jesus. God, I really am grateful that you gave us your son- a baby- to save us. I think I understand and appreciate that gift even more now. I don't know how you gave a child to the world to crucify- but I am so glad you did, so that I could be free. And Jesus, I just pray that you would touch the hearts of Shane's family, that they might know the truth and the truth would set them free.

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