Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Not too much going on at the moment- just gearing up for Christmas. I've done almost all the Christmas shopping, we just have to get a present for Shane's Dad, and I need help with that one! Boys are so hard to shop for! Mind you, in saying that, I think I married the easiest man to shop for ever! Because Shane has so many interests you can always think of something to get him.... he loves music and plays the bass, ukulele, piano, drums and guitar, with the bass being his first and main instrument and the rest being ones he is picking up and learning along the way. He also loves computers and design- he's constantly getting calls from somebody asking for help with their computer, and he designed our church's website this year. He also loves gardening and is starting our veggie garden, plus he is very interested in all things Biblical. He listens to Chuck Missler and Chuck Smith an awful lot, especially when he's driving, and he loves reading biblical commentaries and historical commentaries. He's currently reading about Josephus, who was a historian around the time of Jesus. So yeah! It's a very talented and interesting guy I married! The only problem is that, most of of the time, what Shane wants is very expensinve! For his birthday this year he got the ukelele, which wasn't very cheap. For Christmas he wants this Bible software, Logos- it's not as expensive as many other things he's wanted, but it's still over $200... so we'll see.

It's funny because here's me currently thinking, ' I really need a hobby!'- just so I have something else outside of housework and children and cooking. It'd be nice to have something permanent to do, that I could do and look back on and go- "I did this. It has been completed and I do not have to go back and do it again tomorrow!" But I'm really not into knitting or sewing... I love the idea of knitting and sewing, but when it comes to the actually knitting and sewing- I'm just not there! I broke my mum's sewing machine once by getting it all tangled.

This year I've decided I want to try a bit of Christmas baking. I thought it would be really nice to do some cooking and give that as presents for some people who we love- but to try to keep the cost down. We have so many people who we would love to give presents to, but it gets so expensive, where do you draw that line? Plus, my family is pretty big, we had about 20 people to shop for this year with both of our families- and it's nice to give presents to friends as well- so hopefully the baking goes well!

In Georgie news- we are getting teeth and it is SO not fun! I said to Shane the other day that I would seriously prefer to be pregnant for another 3 months and have her come out with teeth- man it would be good! The poor darling is doing okay, but she just doesn't cope that well with pain... but fortunately this is only a season. And one day when we are worrying about boyfriends and friends and the like, I'm sure I'll look back on the teething with longing!

She's getting super cute lately. She has this little habit where she poked her tongue out- so funny! She's also getting really interested in our dog, Chloe. She was on the couch with me on my lap, and Chloe was next to us last night, and Georgie started leaning over and as soon as she started touching Chloe she started giggling- it was so funny! Then Shane started playing fetch with Chloe and it was just so hilarious watching Georgie's face- she really loves that puppy! I have taken some cute photos of her poking out her tongue, and there are also some funny ones of her with some sunglasses on, but I just can't find the camera at the moment- so hopefully next time I'll put those photos up!

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