Saturday, December 11, 2010

the story about the bald frog with the wig

I was updating my profile and ran into a new random question, which was The children are waiting! Please tell them the story about the bald frog with the wig: and the story I wrote was a bit too long to fit into my profile, so here it is.

Once upon a time there was a Frog.

Now this frog was a bit of an odd frog, he didn't think he made a very good frog, so he decided he wanted to be a Monkey. First he ran into the Toad.
"Hello Toad!" He said.
"Hello Frog!" Toad called back.
"Oh, I'm not a frog anymore" said the Frog. "I'm a monkey."
"Well then you should be eating a banana then, that way everyone would know you were a monkey" the toad replied. So the frog went and got a banana.

Next he ran into the bird. "Hello bird!" called the frog.
"Hello frog!" said the bird.
"Oh I'm not a frog anymore" the frog said. "I'm a monkey".
"Oh." said the bird. "Well maybe you should be hanging in a tree then, so that we can see that you're a monkey, because monkeys hang in trees."
'That's true!' thought the frog, so, banana in hand, the frog went and hung in a tree.

In the tree he met a lizard. "Hello Lizard!" cried the frog.
"Hello frog!" called the lizard, "Why are you in a tree with a banana?"
"Because I'm not a frog anymore. I'm a monkey!" replied the frog.
"Well if you want to look more like a monkey why don't you get some hair? Everyone knows monkeys have hair!" said the Lizard.
"He's right!" Said the frog. So he went and bought himself a wig.

Then, banana in hand, wig on head, he went to hang in a tree. He saw a monkey. "Hello fellow monkey!" He cried.
"Fellow monkey? What are you on about frog?" The monkey said.
"I've decided that I'm not a frog anymore," replied the frog. "I'm a monkey"
The monkey said . "Why?"
"Well because I don't think I make a very good frog." answered the frog.
"Now listen here frog," said the monkey. "I can call myself a bird until I'm blue in the face, and can even dress up like one. But If I jump out of this tree do you think I'll fly?"
"Well.. probably not" said the frog.
"Exactly. Now you can call yourself a monkey if you want, but God made you a frog. So instead of trying to be monkey, why don't you go out and be the best frog you can be?"

So the frog got rid of his wig, (which was really itchy anyway) gave the monkey his banana, (which he didn't really like either) and got out of the tree (which was a good thing because he was scared of heights). And then he went off to be a fabulously fantastic frog.

Now I really am going to go do the folding, I swear!

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