Monday, March 16, 2015

3 and 4

I found this post in my drafts, it was written on the 16th of March this year, and I think I never got round to putting pictures on it or anything, but I'd like to post it now anyway.

Missy moo moo is a big girl now. She is loving Kindy. She has her favourite teacher Miss Katrina (who is so pretty apparently, and looks like Elsa from frozen). She is the biggest bossy boots in the world, and spends half her time driving me nuts with her bossiness and the other half making me laugh so much at her antics. She's just started that fun thing kids do when they repeat every word you say. (Loving that) She is also constantly asking questions  "what are we doing now?" What will we do this afternoon? What are we doing tomorrow? If I got a dollar for every question Georgie asked me, I would never have to work again. She is beautiful, and sometimes she can be so kind. When her brother gets upset because he wants something, sometimes (sometimes) she will be a kind big sister. "Here you go Charles."

A few weeks ago,she had a trip to the dentist. She's been a couple of times before, but this is the first time she would actually let them have a proper look. She also let the dentist clean her teeth very gently. She had the bottom teeth done first, and really didn't want the top teeth done, but she decided to be brave. When we left she kept talking about the sparkles on her teeth and wanted to see them, she was quite upset when she saw there was no glitter on her teeth. "Because the dentist said they would be all sparkly mum!" She's a funny little girl.

She is big on babies at the moment. A few times I have had to inform people that no, I am not pregnant, Georgie just wants me to be. We have friends with smaller ones and she is always wanting to 'babysit.' We will have to give her another sibling one day, but this mama is in no hurry to do that yet!

Charlie. Gosh I like my boy! He is so incredibly chatty now. On Georgie's Kindy days he and I get to spend the days together, and I'm really grateful for those days. He loves helping me with jobs, and he quite likes running errands downtown, and I find it so much easier with one child instead of two! He is also quite a homebody, and I relish the days when it is just us at home. How I wish it were possible that I could hold onto a tiny piece of these days for the rest of my life!

He likes his mummy very much, and while I have doubts about how kindy drop-offs will be next year with him because if it, I am also enjoying it because he is such a delightful snuggly little boy, and I know it won't be too long before he will never again cry his heart out when he 'loses me' and I know that all too soon, the day will come where he won't need me. I want that day to come, I want for him to grow big and strong and brave in this world. But a deep mama-bear part of me adores being the person he needs when he is sad, and I will continue to enjoy cuddling him and reassuring him and snuggling him as long as I am able.

I really love my children. 
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