Thursday, August 26, 2010

Letter to Georgie

Dear Georgina,

Today you are 8 weeks old and you had your first lot of immunization needles. You were so good! You were asleep and sitting on my lap, and then the Doctor and the Nurse jabbed you on both legs at the same time, and oh, you screamed! Your little face went as red as a strawberry and you took ages to catch your breath and you cried and cried, but then 5 minutes later you had settled down and gave us smiles as if to say 'Needles, what needles?' You really are lovely.

Your Dad was home today because it was raining and he couldn't work, so came too. He couldn't watch- deep down your Dad really is a big softie who loves you so much... I just really want you to know this now so that in years to come when he loses his temper with you, or tells you no, and you just don't understand him, and you feel like he doesn't love you, you can read this and know how special you are to him.... Why even when you were first born he connected with you much quicker than I did, he would just hold you and look at you for hours- he still does! You have a pretty special Dad Georgie, don't ever forget that!

Right now you've just had your last feed and you've conked out in my arms, you really are so beautiful- God did something very special when he made you.

Georgie, I don't know what you're going to be like or who you're going to grow up to be, but please, be God's. You can be whatever you like, but you must follow God and love Jesus. I just don't think heaven could be heaven without you. If you only learn one thing from me, please let it be that.

I love you,


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Letter from Georgie

I just wanted to post a letter I emailed to friends and family last week:

Dear friends and admirers,

Today I am 6 weeks and 6 days old. I am getting much bigger and at my last visit to the Doctor I weighed almost 4 kilograms. I have also grown 6 centimeters and am now 56 centimeters long! I can finally fit into 000 clothes; I have been pretty small for a while!

For the first two weeks of life I was pretty sleepy and I had a sore head from the nasty suction thing that pulled me into this world, but now I am a lot more awake and my head feels better. I am starting to feel happier and smile at people. I smile at Daddy heaps, Mummy says it’s because Dad has such a funny looking face, but really, I just like him.

I have had a sore tummy for a while, once it was very bad and Granny Kay came and spent the night and snuggled with me, and Grandma Cooper has also come to cuddle me sometimes when mummy gets a bit grumpy, but now I have medicine that is helping to make the pain in my pudding house all better. I am a very lucky girl to have all of my Grandparents and three Aunties and two Uncles live nearby so I get lots of cuddles!

I enjoy my bath very much but I don’t like getting out of the bath, it is too cold and I don’t like getting dressed! Sometimes to be cheeky I will widdle all over Daddy just after I have had a bath! It’s funny- Dad thought having a girl would be easier but I‘ve shown him! I haven’t gotten Mummy yet... but I will. Sometimes I have big pains and make smelly messes in my nappy. When I make big messes Daddy says that there are no such things as princesses, but I am a princess really... I’m just a smelly one sometimes!

For a while there I was confused about what my name was. I get called so many things! Possum, poppet, blossom, sweetheart, princess, stinky-bum, button, monkey, Georgie, sweetie, Cuddly Koala, darling... it was so difficult! But don’t worry, I’ve figured it out now, my name must be Chloe!

I am starting to sleep in my own bed a lot more now, it used to be pretty lonely there so I’ve been sleeping with Mummy, but she keeps on putting me in my bed, so I guess that’s where I have to sleep. It’s not so bad in my cradle if Mum puts on some music. I love songs by Dean Martin and Jack Johnson because they are the songs Daddy sings and plays to me. I also sleep with my dummy, and sometimes I get very cross when I lose my dummy!

I am a very clever girl, I rolled over for the first time when I was 13 days old, (mummy called it my advanced child moment) and have been rolling over a fair bit ever since then. I used to only roll over when I got really upset on my tummy, but now I am starting to do it more and more.
It’s hard work being a baby but I am getting bigger and bigger everyday and changing and growing all the time. Thank you all for caring about me

Love, Georgina

I thought it was pretty clever of you George!

*Also for those of you who don't know- Chloe is our dog :)

Happy Birthday Grandma!

Yesterday was my Mum's birthday. I went out for dinner with Mum, Dad and my sisters while Shane stayed home with Georgie. I had had a really bad day with her and was super stressed so I was really grateful to him but I was also a little worried about how she would go for him as she has been very grumpy lately with lots of green poo- Also why does nobody tell you about how much you are going to have to watch what you eat when you breastfeed? Poor Georgie and I have learned the hard way about what I can and cannot eat, and we're still learning!

But anyway, while I was out I texted Shane asking if everything was okay, this is the sms I got back:

"Ur missing heaps! So far she has sat up, started to crawl, she then began to walk, little bugger then saddled up the pup rode around the back yard then did a back flip stopped, n said dad stop sending mummy silly text messages! All is good, have fun!"

Georgie, I love your Dad so much, he is a hilarious wonderful man. He loves you very much.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dear Georgie

Dear Georgie,

Today you are almost 6 weeks and 6 days old. I was talking to Aunty Jenny about something you had done and realized that it is so easy to forget all the things you do. So I've decided to start writing you letters so that we will both be able to remember.

I'll start with today. Today you were lovely. Last night you slept in your cradle all by yourself all night! I was so excited :) Most of the time you end up sharing the bed with me while your poor dad ends up sleeping in the office because he's too tired to be woken up by you- especially when he has to go to work and drive trucks the next day. So I was pretty happy- maybe soon I can sleep with dad again!

You woke up at 4:30am for a feed and Daddy was just getting up to go to work, so he was pretty happy to get to see you for some extra time. You were wearing a little red suit and gave him big smiles and he thought you were lovely. He called you a little Elmo.

This morning we went downtown and had coffee with Grandma , Aunty Jenny, Hamish and Aimee. Well I had coffee anyway, you slept most of the time. But it was nice to go out.

Anyway, I better go because you are starting to wake up and I still have washing to hang out, but I just wanted to let you know that I love you so very much. I am very grateful to God that he gave you to us.

Love, mummy.
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