Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Letter from Georgie

I just wanted to post a letter I emailed to friends and family last week:

Dear friends and admirers,

Today I am 6 weeks and 6 days old. I am getting much bigger and at my last visit to the Doctor I weighed almost 4 kilograms. I have also grown 6 centimeters and am now 56 centimeters long! I can finally fit into 000 clothes; I have been pretty small for a while!

For the first two weeks of life I was pretty sleepy and I had a sore head from the nasty suction thing that pulled me into this world, but now I am a lot more awake and my head feels better. I am starting to feel happier and smile at people. I smile at Daddy heaps, Mummy says it’s because Dad has such a funny looking face, but really, I just like him.

I have had a sore tummy for a while, once it was very bad and Granny Kay came and spent the night and snuggled with me, and Grandma Cooper has also come to cuddle me sometimes when mummy gets a bit grumpy, but now I have medicine that is helping to make the pain in my pudding house all better. I am a very lucky girl to have all of my Grandparents and three Aunties and two Uncles live nearby so I get lots of cuddles!

I enjoy my bath very much but I don’t like getting out of the bath, it is too cold and I don’t like getting dressed! Sometimes to be cheeky I will widdle all over Daddy just after I have had a bath! It’s funny- Dad thought having a girl would be easier but I‘ve shown him! I haven’t gotten Mummy yet... but I will. Sometimes I have big pains and make smelly messes in my nappy. When I make big messes Daddy says that there are no such things as princesses, but I am a princess really... I’m just a smelly one sometimes!

For a while there I was confused about what my name was. I get called so many things! Possum, poppet, blossom, sweetheart, princess, stinky-bum, button, monkey, Georgie, sweetie, Cuddly Koala, darling... it was so difficult! But don’t worry, I’ve figured it out now, my name must be Chloe!

I am starting to sleep in my own bed a lot more now, it used to be pretty lonely there so I’ve been sleeping with Mummy, but she keeps on putting me in my bed, so I guess that’s where I have to sleep. It’s not so bad in my cradle if Mum puts on some music. I love songs by Dean Martin and Jack Johnson because they are the songs Daddy sings and plays to me. I also sleep with my dummy, and sometimes I get very cross when I lose my dummy!

I am a very clever girl, I rolled over for the first time when I was 13 days old, (mummy called it my advanced child moment) and have been rolling over a fair bit ever since then. I used to only roll over when I got really upset on my tummy, but now I am starting to do it more and more.
It’s hard work being a baby but I am getting bigger and bigger everyday and changing and growing all the time. Thank you all for caring about me

Love, Georgina

I thought it was pretty clever of you George!

*Also for those of you who don't know- Chloe is our dog :)

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