Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dear Georgie

Dear Georgie,

Today you are almost 6 weeks and 6 days old. I was talking to Aunty Jenny about something you had done and realized that it is so easy to forget all the things you do. So I've decided to start writing you letters so that we will both be able to remember.

I'll start with today. Today you were lovely. Last night you slept in your cradle all by yourself all night! I was so excited :) Most of the time you end up sharing the bed with me while your poor dad ends up sleeping in the office because he's too tired to be woken up by you- especially when he has to go to work and drive trucks the next day. So I was pretty happy- maybe soon I can sleep with dad again!

You woke up at 4:30am for a feed and Daddy was just getting up to go to work, so he was pretty happy to get to see you for some extra time. You were wearing a little red suit and gave him big smiles and he thought you were lovely. He called you a little Elmo.

This morning we went downtown and had coffee with Grandma , Aunty Jenny, Hamish and Aimee. Well I had coffee anyway, you slept most of the time. But it was nice to go out.

Anyway, I better go because you are starting to wake up and I still have washing to hang out, but I just wanted to let you know that I love you so very much. I am very grateful to God that he gave you to us.

Love, mummy.

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