Saturday, December 11, 2010

Ha Ha! Found the camera!

So I finally found the camera (or to be more accurate, started looking for the camera and remembered where I put it). And then after about 10 minutes of searching high and low for the silly cord that connects the camera to the computer I went downstairs to get Shane. And then wouldn't you know it?... as soon as he sighed in a very long-suffering way and came upstairs, I found it! :) Shane just patted me on the head, sighed again and went back downstairs to the shed to make somethingoranother. I think I must posses a wonderful gene or something in me, because I can make my husband and my father sigh in the exact same way.

But anyway! Here's a picture of her royal cuteness and the tongue!

It's out all the time lately! When that tongue's out you know she's happy! I haven't yet taken a photo of the sunnies on her yet- but that will come!

Now I'm off to go do this

Before this

Wakes up.

Oh how I really hate folding! Seriously, I would rather clean the bathroom than fold... in fact I would rather do almost anything than fold! Isn't it funny how most people just have that one horrible housework-y job that they detest? However, I have a husband who seems to wear an awful lot of clothes, a child who likes to poop on an awful lot of clothes, and an unfortunate tendency to ignore the folding in the hope that it will go away (it never does) until it reaches horrifyingly large proportions. See you on the other side!

And another cute photo for good measure :) They are really good friends now! Do you know how many attempts it takes to get a dog and a baby to look at the camera at the same time?

14. :)

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