Saturday, November 27, 2010

Christmas is here!

Christmas has arrived! It's a little early, but I've been feeling pretty icky, and yesterday was a particularly ordinary day and I decided that the perfect way to make things brighter was to put up the tree and decorate the house for Christmas!

Here is Australia we probably don't make as big of a deal about Christmas as our American counterparts- but personally, it has always been my favourite holiday. Partly because I'm not a big fan of Easter chocolate, (seriously- Easter egg chocolate is always so much cheaper and nastier than a good quality chocolate bar) but also because I love the family getting together and just the reason for Christmas.

I really enjoy decorating the house, and I have started a tradition in the past few years of putting on my Third Day Christmas Offerings album- and Oh, it's just so much fun! The only thing that could make it better is snow!

But this year was extra fun, because I had Georgie with me. Now, she didn't really do much decorating, or any at all, really. But she lay under the tree and giggled and laughed and made happy noises while looking at the lights and decorations- so that was pretty great!

Georgie's view of the tree

In other news, Georgie is 5 months and 1 week old. Today we discovered she has ticklish feet! Very cute. Her laugh is so wonderful! She has also been a bit grumpy in these last few days... I think the poor thing has inherited her Mummy's allergies, plus the reflux is flaring up again. So, back to the Doctor again, but yeah- that's how it goes!

We're thinking of going to the city on Monday for a few days, since Shane hasn't been able to work for a while because it's raining so much, plus, his parents are going down as well. But I tell you what, even though it's been a bit hard this year because of all the rain and Shane not being able to work when it's raining- it's been good. I mean, the fact that he's been going a bit crazy because he needs to work hasn't been fun, (I don't think their trucks or work shed has ever been so organized!), and financially things are pretty tough (Thank Goodness we can stay at Shane's parents house when we're away) but still, Georgina has developed such a close bond with her Daddy, and he's just fallen so hard in love with her... so I'm still very grateful to God for this time we've had together as a family. It's been almost 5 years since Shane and I got married, and I think my love for him now is stronger than it ever was. Sure things are still hard, and we have those times when things are really sucky.... but I think having a child really cements a relationship in a very solid way. It did for us anyway.

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