Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Last week we took Georgie for her first swim.

It was so much fun!

She kicked and smiled and splashed- I could not believe how much she enjoyed herself... especially because the water was still a bit cold.

She didn't even get grumpy when she got out!

Georgie, you are awesome!

I look forward to many more happy afternoons spent in the water with you.

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  1. Hello, Robyn!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog! I know what you mean--motherhood is really, REALLY hard. And I felt exactly as you do now--that my whole "self" was gone, replaced by a new "mommy" person I didn't even know. I felt for a long, long time that I would never get my old self back, that I would never have time to do the things I loved again, that NOTHING would ever return to normal. And I was so depressed and scared about facing this new life. BUT...

    It DOES get better. I promise. If it didn't, I would NEVER have had another baby!!! Babies at this age are a LOT of work. And you really have so little time to yourself to recharge and relax. It gets easier, though--when they start eating solid food (and thus stop breastfeeding QUITE so often), when they can crawl around and entertain themselves a bit more, etc. And soon (though nothing ever returns to pre-baby normal) things start to feel a bit like they did pre-baby. More freedom, easier outings, more time to relax. And oh, the one-nap-per-day child! A wonderful thing. Three whole hours for you to do chores, read a book, exercise, or slump onto the couch in a daze. You'll love the one-nap child.

    Hang in there! I promise things get better. I'm also glad you like Nat the Fat Rat! Natalie and I went to high school together. She's delightful. :)


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