Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dear Georgie,

This week you are 12 weeks old and you have done two very funny things.

On Monday Daddy was eating a lemon, and decided to give you a little taste, so he put a little drop on his finger and gave you his finger to suck. Oh how I wish I'd had a camera! You were so funny! There was a two second delay and then you pulled the funniest face ever! Mummy and Daddy were in hysterics. You grimaced and smacked your lips and looked so surprised! We may be mean parents, but, oh, it was so funny!

Then on Wednesday night I was giving you a bath. I've been hopping in the bath with you and we've had lots of fun together, we sing and you splash and kick and play. You LOVE being on your tummy in the bath for some reason, which means you get the occasional mouthful of water, but you're tough! Anyway, on Wednesday you'd been a bit grumpy and then you got a lot happier in the bath, and right towards the end you did an enormous poo in the bath all over Mummy and yourself.... I was not very pleased!

Anyway I should go now, I'm not sleeping very well as I'm a little worried because your Dad has had some interesting blood tests lately and the Doctors did an ultrasound and saw that his spleen was a bit large, so they have decided to do a bone marrow biopsy on him next week. Poor Daddy! It's going to hurt a lot, I know, because I had to have one when I was 17. But at least Dad is going to go under general anesthetic... So it's another trip to the city next week! I'm a bit scared but your Dad seems healthy so we are hoping for the best and trusting God. He loves this family more than I do, and we love him- so all will be well, even if it's not always in the way we think.

I love you, you are wonderful.

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