Thursday, October 7, 2010

Dear Georgie,

Lately things have been a bit hard. Daddy had a bone marrow biopsy because he's had a few funny things going on so we are waiting on the results for that. And it makes me a bit frightened.

Great Grandma Shirley (who we named you after) has been very sick for a while with Cancer she has been getting worse and Grandma has been living with her for a while. Pretty much since you were born. And now poor Grandma is getting too worn out looking after her, so Grandma and Poppy went on a holiday to have a break. While they were on holiday Poppy started getting breathless so he decided to go to the hospital and now he is in hospital tonight because they don't think his heart is too good. And poor old Grandma is all alone away- it's just so difficult!

But you, oh sweetheart, you are just like a rainbow that God put in our lives. You make everything so much better when you smile. You are such a cuddly little thing and you really do help. So Thank you Georgina. You don't know it, but you are really helping me and Dad. You're helping us to love each other and appreciate life and see the good, instead of just getting stressed and anxious.

Today you are 14 weeks old, and you are lovely. I love you so much.

Love Mummy

P.S- Georgie, no matter what happens with Daddy, or Poppy or Great Grandma. You should know that we still love God, and you should too. No matter what happens in life, he is God. It's that simple. He doesn't make the bad things happen to hurt us, but he has to allow the bad things to happen because he can't protect us from everything, otherwise we wouldn't really be living. And I promise you, you can see Daddy, Poppy and Great Grandma in heaven. :)

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