Friday, October 22, 2010


You are nothing like I imagined my baby would be.

You are so much better.

Yesterday we were playing on the bed- and you just would not stop smiling! You have the most wonderful smile- it makes everything nice! On Thursday you were 4 months old, and you are getting so big!

Everything has settled down with Daddy and Poppy. Dad is fine- the biopsy results came back good, and Poppy ended up having a heart bypass because he had a huge blockage in his artery... but he is fine! We went down in the city while he had his operation. George- for future reference, Never stay in a studio apartment with a baby! We were very cramped and stressed by the time we got home! But Poppy did incredibly well and flew home 5 days after his operation! He was very happy to see you when he got home.

So we are just getting back into routine- you are sleeping all night again and Mummy couldn't be happier. You are also staring to move lots! On Monday I discovered that you can roll from you back to your tummy now! You may have done it before now, but this is the first time I noticed! And you have also been figuring out how to lift up the top of your body and the bottom of your body- just get them working together and you'll be crawling- such a clever girl!

Love you,

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