Friday, November 18, 2011

Things I know....

I know I *may have eaten an entire one of these today.... but calories don't count when you're pregnant and it's your birthday right?

*and by may I mean did.

I know there is nothing funnier than watching your child fall asleep while eating lunch. It's the little things that make parenting great.

I know birthdays get to be a lot less exciting when you get older. But I still have a wonderful husband who has never yet failed to bring me flowers on my special day.

I know my child is a really heavy sleeper. Because when our smoke alarm went off today, (I totally forgot I was cooking something) she didn't even stir.

I know I have been thinking a bit about Christmas lately. And you know what? I think Mary is my new hero right now. Think about it, she was fully pregnant and had to make a huge journey (on a donkey no less, which could not have been too comfortable) plus, she was probably in labour during that time. It's given me a whole new appreciation for just how much she would have gone through, and I am so glad I'm not her!

I know I'm going to make a Coconut and Mango Meringue Roll for the party tonight. It is one of my favorite desserts, and one of those wonderful things that looks very fiddly and impressive but is surprisingly easy.

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  1. oh super yum and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Sending many birthday fairy wishes and butterfly kisses your way

  2. First you tease me with mango butter... Now this?! YUM! haaaaapppy birthday :) hope it was all types of great, props to hubby on the flowers!

    Happy weekend
    Loz x

  3. Oh dear - I've done the "roses" thing too... and I wasn't pregnant, and it wasn't my birthday. It was one of the 50 thousand boxes I used to receive from my clients (and their families) at work over Christmas. Just what you need of course... to consume thousands of calories in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

    Please, please, please share the recipe for the coconut and meringue roll!

  4. Happy birthday!

    I miss those days when my kids fell asleep in their dinners. They were some sweet and funny moments.

  5. Happy birthday!
    That meringue roll looks AWESOME

  6. Happy Birthday :) You are so right, calories do not count on your birthday ever. And say again, birthday's don't count as you get older? Says who? ;) I still love mine. That meringue roll looks very yummy.


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