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Today it's the eleventh of November. A day where at eleven am, Australians observe a minute of silence in memory of those who died or suffered in all wars and armed conflicts. And today my husband Shane, who is trying his hand at blogging over at Journeys With the King, has written a guest post with that in mind.


Before I start I would like to say that I have no experience in the armed services and cannot even imagine what a war/battle situation would be like. I am writing this as a husband, father, son, and mate who is forever grateful for those who have, are, and have yet to sacrifice their lives for the freedom of many.

Today we Remember.

I find it hard to believe in the glory of battle or in death. I believe the glory of the world is in the things that are pure and good. Like the love on a father's face when he holds his child for the first time, the wonderful feeling after that first date when you kiss the one you will hold forever, or the beauty in a setting sun. I don't know what goes through a soldiers mind during his last minutes, but I would like to think it is not about the courageous thing he is doing, but the glorious things that he is doing it for.

I have been a father for a little while now, and a husband for a bit longer. How those men we remember today had the strength to leave what I have behind, I will never know. The only thing I could fathom would be 'duty'. As much as I love my family, I do believe that as a father and a husband I have a duty as long as I breathe to protect and honour those I hold dear. I would like to think that the following is true when it comes to it (and if it ever comes to the call of men again) "Love holds them here and it was love that sent them there." I don't think I would be wrong in saying that there would be many fathers or husbands that would go to the very depths of hell so that their loved ones would never have to suffer the darkness in the hearts of wicked men or have to fear such evil.

It is amazing how organised evil can be. When looking at the time of the great world wars I find it hard to comprehend that so few men can lead so many to carry out acts of incomprehensible evil. Those of you who follow this blog would know by now that we are a Christian family, and from that we believe in the one true God. I know that there is a power at work in the world that is always waring against all things good, righteous, and pure. In the bible it does mention the war in the spiritual world. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high [places]. Ephesians 6:12. The more I dwell on it, the more I see that this is how evil is so organised.

The odds are always stacked up against the good in this world. Evil always seems to outnumber those striving to live in peace. But for some reason, what is good always seems to have a power that is greater than evil, regardless of the odds. I believe that the very thing that has sent many men and women to the heart of the darkest places to face the greatest evil is love. Love is far more powerful than hate and greed. History has proven this many times when those who are few, fight for something they love rather than something they hate, and they have triumphed.

So why do I stop today and remember those who have fallen? Because today I woke up with my family safe, around me. I enjoyed a peaceful cup of coffee in the morning, packed up my lunch, got in my work gear, and went to work with the privilege of freedom. My life could be so different, if those before me hadn't sacrificed. They gave up exactly what I enjoyed this morning, for the hope that their children and grandchildren could enjoy what they didn't, and never have to endure what they had to.

 Today I remember, and am forever thankful.


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  1. A beautiful, reflective post. I know I couldn't fathom having to live through those times either. And without the technological advances of today, the chance of never returning was so high. I didn't know the relatives of mine who fought in the wars but there some. Thanks for sharing this post and such a moving video and song.

  2. Well that's one post I won't have to write. You have said it all and said it well. We also celibrate veterans on the 11th in the USA.

    I am also thankful to have always had you Aussies on the same side.

    The Cranky Old Man

  3. That is beautiful Shane, I nearly cried. Your right Love will win the fight in the end. Jenny

  4. Ok, some honesty here: When I saw the title of your post - I thought "not another one on rememberance!" I know I know, not very patriotic. I am actually patriotic! But that was the thought I had. Sorry. It was wrong.

    But... I read your post anyway, and I have goosebumps the whole time.

    You are so right! It is thanks to them that we are free today. How can we forget?? It seems almost wrong that we only remember it one day a year! I have worked with people who have been in war situations and the sacrifice they make is immense! It is not 'just' their life, and I mean that with the greatest respect. Even those who survive, are so scarred. They often come home to a society that doesn't understand them. Doesn't recognise them. They have changed. How could they NOT? How do you kill, and see death and torture and so many atrocities and not change?

    I guess because I don't know anyone personally who has been to war, it doesn't feel like it's close to home kind of thing. But it shouldn't matter. Those who went to war went for me too, not just for their wife and kids.

    It is thanks to them that I am free and more importantly, it is thanks to them that MY CHILDREN are safe.

    Thank you for the kick up the butt! And I'm sorry I forgot.

  5. While I'm extremely anti war, I think it's important to remember & honour those who've died in war. And as a mother, I too understand and feel that urge to protect and fight for my loved ones.

    I love the name of your blog by the way :-)


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