Monday, November 14, 2011

Listography- Top 5 randoms

Today I am joining Kate Takes 5, for some Listography, because I feel like my writing has been a little heavy lately and I want to do something fun.

This weeks top 5 is the Top 5 things I like. But it's supposed to be a bit quirky. So here's my attempt.

1. I would be absolutely useless at Survivor. I like to have two showers every day. I cannot sleep well if I have not had a shower. I need to feel clean when I get between my sheets, and I also don't feel ready for the day unless I've showered. I'm a little pedantic about it, and I know it's not water-wise. But I can't help it. I have a really specific routine when it comes to my shower, and I just feel so dirty and horrible and unclean if I can't stick to my routine. (I think I may be slightly autistic, or OCD, or anal, or something)

2. I am currently making a sourdough starter and I just adore the smell of the fermenting yeast. It smells like beer or wine and to me, it is just lovely! I told Shane I should work in a brewery.

3. I love birthdays and I am slightly emo because it is my birthday this week, and (a) I feel like I am getting old before I ever got to be young- even though I'm only turning 24 and (b) we have a Christmas party that same night so I don't get to have my own special night.... pathetic I know!

I so want this rainbow birthday cake!

4. I actually enjoy cleaning my bathroom. It's probably one of the household tasks that I find the easiest. I think it's because you see such a difference when you clean a bathroom. Plus, it's not the kind of job that is never finished and has an endless cycle, like washing clothes or doing dishes. You clean a bathroom, and you don't have to do it again tomorrow! It actually stays clean at times for more than a minute.

5. Last night we went out for dinner (just Shane and I) for Chinese. And we went to the restaurant where I used to work as a waitress when I was a teenager. And part of me just wanted to get up and start working again! I loved hospitality work because it was so busy and it was a lot of fun. I especially liked working behind the bar making drinks and the occasional cocktail. I missed it a little, watching it all still happening. But it brought back some great memories and conversation with Shane about our teenage years.

So that's my attempt at it. Why not head on over to Kate's blog and give it a go yourself?


  1. Wow, the fermenting yeast thing is interesting. I've never even tasted beer, because I can't get over the revolting (to me) smell of it every time I bring the glass near my mouth.

    Happy Birthday! I turned 33 on Thursday and agree with you on both points - I've even started taking the day off work, because why should I have to put up with office politics on my birthday? Hope you get to make the day special somehow.

  2. Happy birthday for sometime this week.:) dude you're young. Younger than me. I know how you feel about turning old before you got a chance to be young. *sigh*. Most of my friends from uni are still there, ding their phds or med school. I think its cool to have 2 kids at this age but when I get Facebook invites from my friends to events I just can't go to (drinkies in the valley etc) I feel old. Oh and enjoy folding towels coz it reminds me of my first job. Hehe.

  3. Ah, Happy're still so young!! I must say, beyond your list (which I enjoyed), I love the name of your blog! It's unique and cute and pulled me in right away!

  4. Please celebrate your birthday for more than a week. It's actually on my listography to celebrate for the month before and the month after. People should be telling you happy birthday every time they see you during this period.

    And I think I don't mind cleaning the bathroom either because it's the smallest room in the house. That's a good one.

  5. Hate the taste of beer, but LOVE the smell of fermenting yeast!

    Happy birthday. I find they get less exciting as you get older, unless you reach a milestone with a zero at the end. Sorry to be the bringer of bad news. lol. The good news is that all the other days of the year seem to get better. YAYY!

  6. A great list. Love finding out more about bloggers

  7. OH MY GOSH, I'm older than you! I think I'll start to call you 'young one' from now! (I'm turning 25 in January. Obviously much older and wiser :P)

    I love showers but hate cleaning the bathroom. Maybe because I've left it too long and it doesn't get as white and sparkly as I'd like?

  8. Great list! Happy birthday for later this week - and I think that cake looks AWESOME!

  9. Bah, 24 is but a child! I'm looking straight down the barrel of TWENTY EIGHT and let me tell you, young'un, that's some scary shit!

  10. Hello Robyn! First of all I'd like to thank you for all your beautiful little comments on my blog! I love opening up my computer and seeing a new little msg from you!

    Rainbow birthdays seem to be this year's craze in the blogging world! My daughters 2nd birthday I made a rainbow cake (made a blog post with piccies). I think next year I will try and mix it up a little and make all the food rainbow colours!

    My hubby-to-be loves showers, he will have 2 if not 3/4 a day if he needs it! He gets all hot n sweaty at work and enjoys the shower, compared to me who hops in *wash* hops out. :)

    Hope today finds you well :) xx

  11. Age is just perspective - at 16 you thought 24 was SO OLD, but at 30 it will seem SO YOUNG. I feel like a grandma now - thanks for that ;)

  12. Happy Birthday for this week! I so want that cake too! Yum!
    And I totally agree with you on the Survivor thing. I would be HOPELESS!! LOL! :)

  13. I have stopped aging since turning 24, instead of years I have started adding letters - just like in house numbers, so now I am 24c ;)

  14. A great list. Oh and if you do get some of that rainbow cake, save us some as it looks AMAZING! :-)


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