Friday, November 25, 2011

5 Things that tell me I know I am over being pregnant....

The clock is slowly ticking. Four weeks left. I am starting to be really over being pregnant. So I decided to link up with Shae for a pregnancy-themed Things I know this week.

Sadly, NOT me.

1. I hurt. Everywhere. But especially my back. I am so tired of lying down, and then not being able to get back up because I literally can't. Even the physio is not doing much good anymore. I just want to be able to move!

It's a funny picture, but it actually is quite sad how much this cat and I have in common!

2. This week I have literally cried over spilled milk. I am crying all of the time. I am so touchy and hormonal and I cannot seem to do anything about it (but cry).

3. I know that I am definitely over being pregnant when bending over to pick something up becomes a marathon task of epic proportions.

4. Sore feet and cankles. Not pretty. Enough said.

5. The idea of sleepless nights, a screaming infant and sore sore boobies all sound better than the idea of being pregnant a moment longer.

I'm also linking up with Sar-Wah for Flog Yo Blog Friday. Happy Weekend everyone!

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  1. I've got 7 weeks to go and I'm already at that stage.

    Last night every single bone in my body hurt. I am sending the husband out for one of those full size body pillows today. Maybe 2.

    Yesterday I cried because the dog ate my cheese.

    It's hot. * sigh *

  2. hehehe..I know that feeling well and it does suck....but the pics you posted just make me laugh. Not long to go now...really.

  3. I am at 24 weeks so still enjoying it all but getting close to the point where I kick all the toys into a corner and wait for hubby to come home and pick them up. Hope your remaining time goes quickly

  4. I remember that feeling! You forget about it between pregnancies, but remember it pretty quickly. Hope the next 4 weeks pass quickly!

  5. Hang in there! I always felt these were the hardest weeks, too.

  6. Oh reading this brings it all back! I always remember the first night after giving birth, the bliss of being able to sleep on your stomache (I'm a tummy sleeper). Won't be long now Robyn. Can't wait for pics of your little man; yep, I'm guessing it's a boy. :)

  7. I missed that stage with my first, she arrived early and really wish I had missed it with my second. It is not fun at all.

  8. Just keep saying it, "Nearly there. Nearly there." And congratulations. Best wishes for a wonderful birth experience.

  9. One day at a time... Good luck!

  10. I love how as second time mum we are a bit more realistic - the idea of sleepless nights and a screaming infant is better than ...- I so feel your pain. Hope that bub decides to come sooner rather than later. xx

  11. You are nearly there though I know it seems like an eternity away. Start the currys and every trick you know so that hopefully the bub will come sooner rather than later. ;) xx

  12. Oh, those last weeks suck, don't they?

    But you're almost there! Bring on the sleepless nights and sore boobs :))

  13. Oh how I feel for you, Robyn!!
    I can't wait to see your squishy newborn baby, but probably not anywhere near as much as you can't wait!


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