Friday, October 14, 2011

Things I know.... while I am dreaming of a nap

Linking up with Shae for some Things I know....

1. Our camera is not being spacky, but is proper broke now. And the warranty has run out :( So we are going to need to sort that out before number 2 makes it's way into the world, otherwise this baby really will feel that whole second-child-nobody-loves-me-because-there-are-no-photos-of-me.

3. We have had a week of sick that has now finished with a tummy bug just for fun. On a related note, our beach holiday can't get here fast enough.... 1 week and counting!!! Can. not. wait.

4. They should totally give these to kids when they do sex-ed classes at school....

Too funny.

And that's about it for now. I have many brilliant (or I think so anyway) ideas for posts, but somehow when the time actually comes to write, they all fly out of my head and I am stuck sitting in front of the computer dreaming about a nap.


  1. rofl! Love the pill :). Hope you enjoy your holiday.

  2. We killed our camera just before number 2 arrived.

    Worked out OK because as it turned out, we hadn't taken many of number 1 in the hospital either because he was in special care.

    Now I am scrapbooking them and it is pretty equal.

  3. Our number two has mostly been captured by my phone. Thank heavens they make someone quality images now. Like you, I must buy a camera.

  4. Have you done the digital parents survey where you can win a new camera? I was hoping for it, but I'd be happy for you ti win!
    Hey, if I win, I'll even give it to you! We can't have any more Georgie stick figures! Or new baby ones!

  5. Haha, love it!
    What a shame the camera broke just before a holiday, too. But have a great time anyway!

  6. Robyn that was a corker!!!! GOLD!


    have fun on your holiday too!

  7. Oh, naps. I struggle to get them too. I can see you must've been sleepy because your #2 disappeared into cyberspace. ;-) But, oh, that holiday destination looks gorgeous. I hope you have a really lovely family time and the weather holds out for the entire period you're chillaxing.

  8. LOL - hope you get a new camera before the holiday!

    And may you get lots of naps too! :) (

    I jumped over here from Shae's link up... not that I wrote a TIK this week, I'm just enjoying reading them this week).

  9. Oh a beach holiday!!
    Enjoy :)


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