Friday, October 21, 2011

Pink or Blue?

This pregnancy has been so different for a number of reasons. My morning sickness was different. With Georgie I was tied-to-the-toilet sick every night from week 8 until about week 14. With this baby, I was kinda-feeling-gross-all-day-but-not-too-bad for a few months, but it was definitely easier.

I was also a lot more conscious of being pregnant with Georgie, probably because she was my first and I wasn't so busy. Whereas this time, I almost forgot I was pregnant a lot of the time. This baby is a heck of a lot more active than I remember Georgie being. And it's sitting differently too, Georgie was quite low, but this baby feels permanently lodged in my ribcage. This pregnancy also feels like it's flown by. I am also so, so, so much more exhausted this time around. It's just different.

But the biggest difference I've found, is that I honestly cannot tell you whether I would rather have a boy or a girl. With Georgie, I wanted a girl. Oh, I wanted a girl. I said I didn't mind.... but I really, really wanted that girl. I think I was so scared of never getting to have a daughter. I watch my Mum with her girls, and I just really wanted that relationship. I was also worried about having all boys. Not that I didn't want a boy. But I know if I had to choose between having all girls or all boys, it would be girls. I wanted to play with dresses and skirts and hair and ribbons. I know girls. I grew up as one of four girls. My sister has three girls. Girls just seemed... easier.

But now, I don't feel quite so scared of boys. Maybe it's because I know now that I won't have all boys. I must admit the idea of boys is still a bit scary, probably because it's fear of the unknown. But at the same time, I would quite like to try it. I also really want Shane to have a son. I know it will be different, but I feel like I am a little more able to tackle the idea of a boy now.

However I just can't really say that I really desperately want this baby to be a girl or a boy. If we were stopping at two I might want a boy. But we are pretty sure that we will have more after this. I must admit at the moment I do not fancy the idea of being pregnant again, but I know in time I will be ready for another one. I just want to have a bigger gap between this one and the next one.

So I just can't really say. On the one hand, a girl would be nice. It would be nice to have two little girls, two sisters close together. There is something so lovely about little girls. Plus, we have an awful lot of girl clothes, and it might make things nice when it comes to room sharing and sisters a grade apart. But on the other hand, a boy would be....a boy. A son. It would be nice to know what it's like to have a son. I also love both names that we have picked.

So I just can't say. In my gut I think this could be a boy, but I was sure (positive!) that Georgie was a boy.... so you can't trust that. I kind of wish we had found out, it would make things so much easier in terms of getting ready. But it was a fantastic surprise to meet Georgie when she arrived, and so I'm content to wait. I have 10 weeks to go and am getting quite excited about meeting this new little person.

At the end of the day, I know it will be a baby anyway, and that's pretty awesome.

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  1. Those 10 weeks will fly Robyn! Good on you for not finding out the sex. I did with my second. I just wanted to be more organised. Sounds like you are preparing yourself for a boy???
    Have a great weekend. xx

  2. oooh you are so patient. I could not wait to find out each time (patience is not a personal strength). I felt the same with my second pregnancy - couldn't say if I'd prefer a boy or a girl. Either way, it will be the perfect thing for your family :)

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  4. oh how exciting! Second pregnancies are certainly tougher because you're so busy running around Kid #1.
    I believe you can tell a bit of a child's character from the pregnancy days: my daughter was so active in utero, always kicking me in the ribcage, my son instead could hardly be felt, it was always a relief hearing his heartbeat at the check ups. And they're the same now: my daughter is a busy bee, full of beans, needs very little sleep. My son is quite cuddly and easygoing and a sleepyhead...

    All the best for the next 10 weeks :)

  5. I always wanted a girl and a boy. I ended up with two girls. To be honest, the boy thing started to scare me a tad when I was pregnant with the second. I have no idea why. I guess boy bits seemed a little daunting to me!! LOL! :)

  6. I have two girls and a baby boy. Boys are different. I know that sounds dumb - but they are! I get so many more cuddles from my baby boy than I ever did from my girls! He is such a koala. He is also trouble. He has already had several trips to the hospital at 11 months because he found trouble in a big way. I now know that I have grey hair under all of my hair dye!

    But... having a boy is delicious. What a joy to have a 'mixed bag'. It is so nice to see that my girls have a baby brother and that my baby boy has big sisters. Family life sure is a blessing.

    Enjoy these last 10 weeks - they tend to fly by and then STOP at about 2 weeks to go! But... in the grand scheme of life - it is not too long to wait. All the best! I will surely pop across to read how things are going. I love your honesty - refreshing.

  7. I was terrified of having a boy, and when I found out with Bailey, I cried.

    But honestly, boys are lovely. They ate so different, and they look at you differently than girls. Can't explain it, but I hope you get to experience it.

  8. I read a book about the difference (literal brain development stuff) between boys and girls and was fascinated. I really hope I get to have a girl one day so I can compare! We are gearing up for number two and I am really worried about having another boy for the simple fact that we CAN NOT come up with another boy's name that we even remotely agree on!

  9. How exciting! Only 10 weeks to go! I really, really wanted a girl with my second - after having a boy with my first (I wanted a girl then, too, but was happy for my husband and his dad who are both only children to have a boy to carry on the name). I had a boy for my second. I had a boy for my third as well. And then I had my fourth, and it was... a boy! Hahaha! I've felt sad at never having that mother-daughter relationship, but I actually really do love having all these boys (most probably because they are my boys, so I just adore them!)... Waiting to find out is very exciting though!

  10. Wow, 10 weeks - so close! Hope they go quickly and as comfortably as possible. I'm excited to see what you have too! And you will be a great mum-of-two, I know, regardless of boy or girl, or how busy you are, and how different it feels.
    We don't want to find out what ours is either until it's here. I really don't mind what it is and while Paul is leaning towards wanting a son, he will be more than happy with a girl, too.
    I have a sister 22 months younger than me, and her, my mum and I have always had such great times together, so it would be nice to have that for myself too. But, at this stage, I really have no preference :)

  11. I've actually always wanted one of each, a boy first, then a girl. Our first was a girl. Then I thought I was definitely having a boy next until the 20 week scan showed a girl. I love my girls to bits and wouldn't change them. I'm hoping, like you, that they'll have a very close bond as they grow up and maybe even become best friends. This is probably it for us so I won't know what it might be like having a boy. I've actually been working on a post about that! All the best for the remaining time.


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