Thursday, October 20, 2011

Catching up

I have been a little overwhelmed by the responses I got from my post yesterday. I'm glad that it touched a chord for so many and I am a bit humbled by it all.

But I figured I've done enough deep lately, so today's post is all about the slightly.

I've borrowed Mum's camera to take some pictures of Georgie, as I haven't taken many recently and she is getting so big all of a sudden. It's amazing how quickly it happens. So here are a few pictures of what's going on here lately.

She is seriously cute at the moment

The bathtub is her favourite place to put things. This can be a big problem when I'm in the shower and she brings me presents!

Someone is currently trying to figure out how to undo the latch for the gate. This too could be problematic.

There is some serious walking going on. I tried to get a proper picture, but she's too quick already!

We are doing a lot of self-feeding. Did I mention the cute?

I am slowly getting there with my checklist. See all the ticks? (And how many more I have yet to do?)
This here is a  recent addition that lives just near our back door. It is so handy and it makes me smile.


  1. Lovely photos. Soon you'll be snapping madly with the new bub. I really like the Home organiser. it's really lovely. We need some new things to help with organising around here too!

  2. Georgie is ten kinds of cute! Also, your post yesterday deserved a wonderful response. Also, we have those same stacking toys and for some reason ours are always in the bath as well!

  3. Toys in my shower drive me nuts. Seriously. It's the only space in the house that's entirely mine, and I'm fiercely protective of it. Enough so that I insist on renting houses that have two bathrooms so I don't need to see all the kids crap.

    And sorry, apparently I'm a crazy ranting woman today :P

  4. OH. My. Goodness she is adorable!!!!!


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