Saturday, October 1, 2011

I like Now

Have you ever read Nat the Fat Rat's blog? She is all kinds of awesome. Last month she wrote a post entitled The Problem with 10 months. In it, she talked about how her little boy Henry, is growing too fast and she is losing her baby. She spoke about how she would give anything to go back to him being three days old again. And I was like Really?

Newborn Georgie

I know there are many people who have crazy love for little little freshly hatched babies. But I am not one of their number. Three days was wonderful, but it was also like seven different kinds of hell. My everything hurt. The baby would cry and I had no freaking idea what to do. I knew I was the Mum but I did not feel like it. I had no clue. Plus, if I remember correctly, three days was about when my milk was coming in and that is an experience I am in no hurry to repeat (and yet I am going to, very soon...).

It's not just Natalie. I was chatting to a friend this week and she mentioned how she wished she could just go back to having her darling boy being a little teeny baby again for a bit. And honestly, that's just not me. Don't get me wrong, I loved Georgie when she was a little baby, and there is something that is so delicious about a newborn. But I didn't know her the way I know her now. She was mine, but she was still a tiny stranger compared to the little person who I know everything about now. I just adore who she is right now.

She may be a little force of destruction on legs. But Oh, I just love that she is getting to be a people. I love that she can be completely independent of me at times, but yet she still needs her Mummy. I love watching her do her own thing and develop her own likes and dislikes. Sometimes they drive me nuts, at the moment for example, trying to get her to eat fruit is like asking her to chop off her leg. But still. She is just so wonderful.

I love watching her try and be funny, and watching her learn so much. She is always looking and watching and taking the world in. I like that she is still small enough so we are not worrying about toilet training or any of that nonsense. I like that she is starting to talk and imitate everything. I like that she has not yet reached the age of defiance and tantrums. I love that she is developing attachments to people who are not me. She adores her Aunty Jenny for example, and I feel quite sure she would attach herself to my sister's family and become their fifth child quite happily. I love that it's not quite so much all about 'Mummy' anymore.

I love her little 'Oh woe is me' sadness, when she drops to the ground and puts her head between her legs and cries because all of a sudden everything has not gone her way. (I know, I know, it's cute now....) I love watching her toddle around on her unsteady little legs. I also love  (don't hate me) the fact that she sleeps 12 solid hours a night, waking up very rarely. I like that she entertains herself sometimes now. I love watching her play madly with the puppy. I like the Now.

Being Funny with her hat

And now a question...... What's your favourite age?

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  1. I love that you are savouring! Savour it! SAVOUR IT!
    Haha, my absolute favourite age IS 16 months! Roo was a wonderful 12-18 month old, the boys are very similar to her at the same age (if not a little sookier and not walking yet, as she was).
    It's when their personalities come out into the sunlight, but they are still babies! Just an amazing time, the 12-18 months, I think!

  2. I agree. The 1-2 year olds were my favourite group when I worked in childcare. Hard work, but so much fun!

  3. I so get this post. I really don't like babies - I feel comfortable enough here to say that! I love the stage from about 6 months. I like the smiling, chuckling, sleeping stage. Rather than the incessant, needy, bluefaced screaming phase of a newborn. I agree with the other gals though - 12-18 months is adorable.

    I am not so much into the 3-4 year old phase right now. There is always a phase, isn't there?

  4. Yep I love this age too. And I love three, cause they are suddenly so verbal and Interested in everything.
    Not loving eight though. That's hard work!

  5. I love most ages, but will admit it hurts my heart that our last babe is growing up so quickly.

    I ADORE the early months so much, they are just magical to me :)

  6. A beautiful post Robyn. i love every age for different reasons. one thing for sure is they all grow so damn quickly!
    Thanks for linking up with me! x

  7. I have enjoyed all of my daughter's stages (she's now 19 months) but I agree, there's something so fun about when they really become a person and PLAY with you. I think when they start walking but before they start back-chatting (we're there now, unfortunately, yep she's starting early) is amazing. I'm feeling a little weird about having a newborn again soon, but also I feel like having cuddles with someone who doesn't try to squirm away from me might be nice too!

  8. Can't say I have a favourite age - no kids here - but Georgie's age sounds lovely. Or maybe it's because Georgie herself sounds adorable :)
    Glad you're enjoying it!

  9. I totally get this, but I am convinced that hormones are making me believe I loved the newborn baby stage even when logic and memory is telling me it sucked. As for a favourite age; we are dealing with the terrible THREEs right now and it sucks. Two was a walk in the park compared to this dynamic evil genius age.

  10. I've often noticed/heard that three is harder than two!


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