Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: The tree is up!

Something tells me that next year will not look quite the same.... I managed to do it without too much 'help,' but I think next time I will be the one helping!

Linking up with Trish at My little Drummer boys, for Wordless Wednesday :)

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  1. Oh, it's just beautiful!
    I love lights on a Christmas tree.
    What a clever idea putting a fence around it.

    Thanks so much for linking. :)

  2. Thanks- it's actually our fireplace guard that Shane made... but it keeps the tree and presents safe from little hands :)

  3. What a lovely series of photos. I hope your tree is standing

  4. Hello there, it made me laugh to see the tree with the toddler-proof fence. Oh I remember those days, the twins were very keen to climb the tree... all very tricky, but fun.

    Hope that you all enjoy Christmas!

  5. Your tree is very cute! We used to stick ours in the playpen when the boys were younger too. Babies and Christmas trees are a total nightmare!

  6. Lovely! I have given in and we are not having one this year :( I just don't think I can stop our Little Miss 10months old from touching it and can't justify buying a play pen just for the tree. Instead my Dad emails me pictures of the family Christmas tree and I print those out and blutac them on the wall!

  7. It looks lovely. Our tree is up and as usual, is very bottom-heavy with the decorations - little hands can only reach so high! x

  8. I've seen so many play pens around trees. We never bought one so our tree is raised up from crawling bub's reach which means it's only a short one. Can't wait for a taller one!


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