Friday, December 2, 2011

Dear Santa....

As a kid I don't really remember believing in Santa Clause. It's not like my parents ever sat me down and told me he wasn't real, but we never really 'did' Santa either, if you know what I mean. We didn't get presents from him, and I can't recall leaving food out for him or anything like that. I think we were mostly taught about Jesus and about how He was the one we remembered at Christmas. And that's probably what I see myself doing with my children too. Never outright saying 'Santa's not real' but showing that for us, Jesus is the Christmas-dude.

But nonetheless. I decided I would compose a wishlist of my own, just getting in early with some things that I would love for Christmas because the lovely Daisy from Daisy Roo and Two tagged me. Besides, you never know, do you? Even if Santa doesn't deliver (and I'm not holding my breath) there's always a chance a rich and kindly benefactor could read my blog and say 'she sounds like a nice person.' Hey, it could happen!

So here's my Christmas wishlist.

An Iphone.

I know right? How is it possible I don't have one? How technologically challenged am I? But the fact is, these things are a bit expensive, and my current phone costs us hardly anything, because we own it and it's prepaid. Plus, I don't really use my phone enough to warrant it. But I still really, really want one. Mostly just for instagram and all the cool apps. One day I'll get one!

A day spa package

Doesn't that just sound wonderful? I would love to have a full beauty treatment at a spa, but it's the kind of thing I just couldn't justify spending on myself. There is that whole problem of there being no day spa in my town, but after all this is a wish list.

A thermomix

These things are seriously awesome (and seriously expensive!)

A bread slicing guide

You might be saying a what? But these things are actually pretty good! I make my own bread, and I have an electric knife, but I slice some pretty uneven bits of bread. Normally it's Shane's job to slice it, because he does a much better job than I do. But when he's away or just too busy to get to it, we end up eating some pretty wonky slices of bread. One of these would come in very handy in our household!


I know, I know.... But the fact is, our towels are getting quite old. They aren't dead yet, but they're on their way, and I would love some beautiful, soft fluffy towels. I am officially old and boring.

Good Books
I know that it makes much more sense to want one of these

and believe me, if someone was to give me one I would totally love it! But at the same time, for me, I still find that there's something nice about the written word on a page rather than on an electronic screen. I just prefer it. But, you know, either one is fine!

A new bedspread

I would really love one of these. Our bed at the moment is covered by a quilt. It does the job, but I would love to get a really beautiful bedspread. They just make a bed look so lovely and smooth, not lumpy and uneven like quilts. I've been looking, but haven't found the exact right one yet, plus they are a bit expensive, so when I get one I want to get the right one. One day I will have a beautiful bed!

I'm going to stop myself there. Because while there are plenty more things I could add to this here list (a new wardrobe, a makeover, a weekend away, a cleaner, etc) the fact is, for the most part, I'm sitting pretty. There's not a whole lot of 'stuff' I actually need. And I am very grateful for that.

I'm linking this one up with Shae at Yay for home for Things I know, because I kind of qualify.... this list is things I know I want after all! And I'll link up with Glowless seeing as it's Friday.

Make sure you pop over to the Circle of Mums page and vote for me too, (if you don't mind) and a big thank you to everyone who has been voting. I don't quite know who all of you are, but I am very grateful! I'm sitting at number 25 at the moment, (to be honest I'm a little stunned about that) but there's still 8 more days to go!


  1. Quite a lot of options for "Santa" to choose from there! I don't have an iphone either. I would love one, but probably would prefer a new laptop. We are very boring here. I want a laptop and my husband wants a whipper-snipper. We bought a whole stack of books for the kids (they love books and will get bombarded with toys from their grandparents, so we won't add to the toys!)

    I like your parents' approach to Santa. I actually blogged about what we are doing with the Santa thing today. Interesting to hear what people do.

  2. Great list! Christmas isn't about what we need, it's about what we want, want, want!! ;)

  3. That's a pretty good list :) Is hubby reading your blog? hehe... I love soft fluffy towels. Sometimes I get those that don't soak up the water very well. bleah..

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  4. Haha! Rich benefactor? Let me know if you find one! In the meantime maybe Hubby could take a look at your blog?
    I'd love a new bedspread too!

  5. Ok a bread slicer guid thing is awesome; we have one and I love it!
    Also I totally get you wanting new towels. Who wouldn't?
    And I would love a thermomix! My neighbor is selling them and doing her best to convince me to buy one from her. I'd need a rich benefactor of my own though I think!

  6. Great list (though I'm becoming quite renowned for not seeing the great wondrousness that is the thermomix - yes, I have seen them demonstrated, twice, I just can't see the appeal). I would LOVE new towels and actually all new linen for all our beds (as well as bedspread). WRT, I never believed in Santa either - for similar reasons to you, actually - and with my children I've explained where the concept of Santa came from (St Nicholas, and what he did way back when) and that Santa represents a spirit of generosity in the world - which I think can go hand in hand with Jesus, in that Jesus taught generosity and Santa is another way people remember to be generous.


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