Tuesday, December 20, 2011

For the joy of Dancing....

I used to dance. A lot. I did classical ballet for 12 years as a child and a teenager. And I also did jazz and tap and... cheerleading (don't laugh) for some of that time too. It kind of absorbed my life for a few years there. Almost every afternoon would see me at ballet. You wouldn't really know it to look at me. I never really had a dancer's build. But I loved it all the same. There's just something about moving that is so amazing. It's not really easy to describe. But if you are the same, you'll know exactly what I mean.

I miss dancing.

It could be because I am very, very pregnant right now. Even thinking about touching my toes requires a great deal of effort and concentration. I think I got this way when I was pregnant with Georgie too. Just desperate to feel light and able, to have my body do anything I want it to.

I did a little dancing once I finished high school, but it was hard to keep it up when I moved away to go to Uni. I never really got into a new ballet school. So I kind of just let it go. I did bits and pieces over the years with performing arts, and then I got into aerobics at the gym. But I haven't really properly danced for about 4 years now.

So I've decided I am going to do... something after this baby arrives. I'm not quite sure what. I'm not sure about going back to my old dance school. I just don't fancy the idea of prancing around in front of a bunch of fit teenagers. Besides, I've done all of the classical grades that I can, unless I want to go further on to the professional track. And I really don't. I'd just like to go somewhere, once a week, and move.

I don't want to perform, or anything like that. Just enjoy the wonder and freedom and pain that is dancing. There's just something so delicious about it. I'm not sure how I will go about it, or what I will do. Options are kind of limited in my little town. But I'm going to try really hard not to let this dream go. I'm going to dance again.

And yes, it could look a little like this.....

But so be it! 


  1. Me too! Maybe we could start our own dance class? I'm sure Lise would be up for it... And I'm sure we won't look like Miss Piggy in that clip: I don't know about you but I'm not that flexible :)

    We could give Roo dance lessons.

  2. Oh that made me giggle! Especially when he threw her! I love the muppets. :)

    I never danced as a kid but I wish I had. I enjoy dancing so much, but hav such little confidence cause I don't know how. I wold join your dance club.

    Now hurry up and have that baby! :)

  3. I used to love ballet too and my 2 daughters enjoy any kind of dancing. I've had a number of "mum" friends recently take up Burlesque dancing ... the outfits are incredible. Good luck with your next bubba and have a wonderful Christmas. xo

  4. At least you can dance!! Go for it! If you have the talent, you should keep doing it :)

  5. Oh how I want to do ballet!! I did a couple of years of dance in primary school, and have always loved ballet... do they do adult beginner lessons?!

  6. Some dance schools do- you'd have to find out :)

  7. Go for it! I have never been into dancing myself but my daughter did some for a few years and she, even now, dances around at every opportunity. Good luck with it, I hope you find the enjoyment and fitness that you seek from it!

  8. Ohh so you are still cooking that chook :) I cannot dance - I have 3 left feet. I would loved to be graceful like a ballerina, actually I would love to be able to get from A to B without tripping over my own shadow.
    Hope you have a fab Christmas xx

  9. lol Robyn, the muppet video is a hoot!

    I say go for it. I hope you can find a dance school you are comfortable with.

    Have an awesome Christmas


  10. I'm with Sonia - too many left feet and no grace whatsoever. Even those Les Mills classes that require a bit of coordination leave me with cold chills.

    There are so many cool adult dance classes around. Bet you could find one to satisfy the itchy feet.

  11. A 3rd one here who can't follow the choreography (or stop from getting hurt attempting step class even). I know several people who do adult dance classes so I hope you find one locally that excites you!

  12. I used to dance too! I am also a musical theatre gal and it makes me sad to think I may never have a leading role again . . . kids are worth it but they do come at price!

  13. I really hope that you find something in the new year. Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses for a beautiful birth when the time is right

  14. I encourage you to go for it. I was fortunate to study dance full time for 4 years at Wesley Institute in Sydney - a christian arts college) from age 20 - 24. Following that I freelanced as a teacher & choreographer. I have not danced since My pregnancy with my now 5 year old daughter, but so many of my dance friends have continued on with it after their babies. I also worked for CDFA for a while (Christian dance fellowship Australia) Send me an email, if I know what town you live in I might be able to connect you with someone or let you know of some faith based arts conferences that run in our country, which are designed to inspire. I know exactly what that urge to move is like. Don't ignore it.


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