Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Some things never change...

This afternoon I wandered down to my sister Jenny's for the afternoon because Georgie has had a yuck day and I needed out, now! She decided that last night was a good night for not sleeping for some reason, and so Mummy has been in a zombie state today.

Anyways, I had a good visit with Mum and Jenny, and then my sister Cathy popped in too. Mum went home and I was about to leave as well, but then Jenny asked if we could stay for a minute while she took my niece Rachel to dancing. So Cathy and I hung around in the backyard with the kids, while they played madly on the trampoline.

Georgie and I went for a walk to look at the animals since Georgie had decided that the trampoline was a little too rough for her tastes. We looked at the guinea pigs and watched them widdle themselves in fright when I lifted the lid of their cage up to see them, and Georgie made the appropriate squeaks of excitement of a baby seeing little furry animals.

Once we decided the guinea pigs might have had enough of us, we wandered over to the chickens. I happened to notice that they seemed to be looking for food, and I remembered that it's generally my niece Rachel's job to collect the eggs and feed the chickens their scraps. So I thought I could help her out and do that chore for her so she wouldn't have to after dancing.

We went upstairs and I grabbed the scrap bucket and then went back downstairs and chucked the scraps to the chickens. I remember looking at the scraps interestedly, thinking, 'I didn't know you could feed chickens eggshells and tea bags,' but I didn't really dwell on the fact for too long. Then when we went to collect eggs I noticed there were none and thought that was a little strange, but figured maybe Jenny had grabbed them earlier to cook with.

Not long after I'd finished with the chickens Jenny got home. As I was leaving I just casually mentioned that I'd done Rachel's chore for her and fed the chooks some scraps (feeling that warm inner glow of righteousness when you know you've done a good thing).

Jenny went "Hang on..." and then mentioned that she'd already done that job. So we went to look at the chickens to see what I'd done. Turns out I'd fed them all the scraps that she keeps separate that the chickens are not supposed to have. (Of course I had) Cathy and Jenny had a good old laugh at me, and Jenny said "Didn't you notice me go and take the scraps and get the eggs earlier?"

No, no I hadn't.

I'd like to blame it on baby brain and lack of sleep, but I think the simple truth is that I am just a silly. Always was, always will be. Some things never change.

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