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There have been many posts about Daniel Morcombe, a boy here in Australia who went missing at age 13 eight years ago. Today a man has been formerly charged with his murder. His parents have asked people to wear red (the colour of the shirt he was wearing when he was abducted) to remember him today. And if you don't know about this case you might be wondering, why? It's sad yes, incredibly so, but why all the noise about it? Children go missing all the time, why are Australians all remembering him, specifically?

It's because in all this time his parents never stopped looking. They never stopped pushing, prodding, probing into the mystery and the tragedy that was their sons disappearance. They dedicated the last eight years of their lives to finding out what happened. They offered a huge reward, There was a song, there were countless advertisements, pictures everywhere.

I wonder if it is better for them now? I wonder if I would push, would rather know exactly what happened, or always have a little hope?

I think it would be better to know. I understand why they never stopped trying. But I feel for them. Because now they have to face the fact that there is no more hope, no more maybe. I also feel for them because eventually, they have to start living again, and this time it is in a world where they know that their boy is definitely no longer alive.

He would have been 22 now, if he was still alive. Only a year or so younger than me. I wonder if he would have had children by now too? Maybe he would have been at University, or working? It's odd to think of not knowing who he is. But I wish I didn't.

Sometimes I find life with Georgie hard. Because she is almost always with me. Always. Having Shane away so much means I rarely get a chance to duck downtown by myself, or go for a walk. I have family who helps me for appointments and things, but I hate using people too often. It's just not as easy as a husband, a Father, who is responsible for her like I am, who isn't doing it as a favour.

And sometimes I resent it a little. Resent never being alone. I just want space from her. But today I am remembering Daniel and the Morcombes, and I wonder what they wouldn't give for just a few more moments with their boy? So right now I am relishing this. The fact that right now my babies are safe, secure, and close (oh, so close) to me.

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  1. Beautiful, beautiful post. And coming from someone who is close to the age he would have been makes it all the more poignant. x

  2. Really lovely post. We are wearing red too. x Deb

  3. Lovely, thoughtful post. We do get grumpy at times, longing for space (I know I have recently). It's a good reminder to treasure who we have. Some people don't have one more moment.

  4. Thank you all. Gemma- I didn't mean give up exactly. I agree, I don't think you could. But the way the Morcombes tried so desperately for so long.... the time, money and energy they spent- not everybody does that. That's what I meant.

  5. Robyn, this is lovely. I know exactly what you mean about not wanting to always have to ask favours of family all the time. Would be nice sometimes to have someone equally responsible for my son to help out day to day. BUT, like you said, having them close is all that matters when you hear of stories like that of Daniel Morcombe.


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