Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I have many, many posts swirling around in my head, but at the moment Shane is home and we are unpacking from being away and changing rooms around. Georgie is going to move into the office and the new baby will have her room- (it's much easier as that room is set up for a small one). So the house is in a mess and we're a little busy, but it's a good busy. I'm getting so many things crossed off my list! One day soon I will get back into my rhythm but for now Shane only has a couple more days off so I'm trying to enjoy it.  Here are a few photos of what's going on in the slightly deep household at the moment:

Office before
Office in it's current state

It would go much quicker without this helper! (But she's a lot of fun too!)

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  1. Organising and nesting in full swing! We did a fair bit of that for bub #2 but there was only so much we could do given we live in a two bedroom apartment. we did leave a fair bit till the last minute as well with me teetering on small ladders, pregnant belly hanging out. Not ideal but apparently every pregnant woman does it! I hope it all goes well.


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