Saturday, August 6, 2011

Grateful for my parents

It's funny that I've decided to write a Grateful post and link up with Maxabella for her Grateful Saturday's post. Because this week life has thrown me a few curve balls.

Georgie has a cold, and I won't go into a lot of details, but suffice to say Shane's family is undergoing a lot of upheaval, and I am missing him terribly- he has worked and been away for 30 of the last 34 days (so believe that when I talk about my husband working away a lot and how hard it is I am not exaggerating!).

However, it seems like there is always something to help lift your spirits when things are tough.

So this week I am really grateful for my parents.

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I know that however hard things are, they would be so much harder without my parents. My Mum is... just brilliant. I really can't adequately describe how good my Mum is. It's funny, but I am only now realising how good our relationship is. Not everyone gets along as well with their Mother as I do. And so I am just so grateful for our relationship and all that she has done (and continues to do) for me.

I am also really grateful for my Dad. Growing up, Dad kind of kept well away. It's not like he was absent, but I think he struggled a little with raising and relating to four daughters. He was also very much part of the generation where a man's job was to provide food on the table. So in a way, he kind of left much of the parenting up to Mum. But now, Dad has just... changed an awful lot. He still tends to hand the phone over to Mum when I call, but we definitely have a much closer relationship. He absolutely adores Georgie, and he's just much more thoughtful and much softer than he's ever been.

Last night Dad actually babysat Georgie for me while Mum and my sisters and I went out to our local performing arts production on Grease. It wasn't a huge deal as I already had her in bed when he arrived and she slept the whole time. But still it was just so nice to get out for the night. It was a good night and I'm really glad that I got to go. I don't think I ever would have imagined my Dad babysitting my children for me when I was younger.

So right now I'm just so grateful for my parents. I'm glad that they are close and I'm grateful not just for all that they do, but for the fact that I have such a good relationship with them.


  1. That is a lovely post. Your parents sound great - Dad seems like a sweetheart!
    Glad to hear you were able to get out for a bit and have a bit of fun. How was the show?
    I have great parents too. I haven't seen them since March last year (they're in NSW, we're in WA) but they will be here next week and we're going on a holiday with them. Can't wait!

  2. it's funny how parents change when they become grandparents!

    found you through maxabella's grateful linky!

  3. 30/34 days is a LOT of working away. I would be absolutely beside myself and struggling. Glad you could find the "gratefuls" in the midst of everything else.

  4. So great you have supportive parents. It must be so tough having your hubby away so much.

  5. Julie- struggling badly at the moment, but still breathing. Would collapse in a heap without family. Emma- Thanks, the show was pretty good. My Brother in law played Danny, so that made for an even more fun night! :) Enjoy your holiday!

  6. I wish my parents live close too. We are a close knit family. It's so hard to have them so far away with no money to visit :(

  7. I hope life gets a bit smoother for you soon, Robyn. I always find I can't get my groove on when the husbie is away. Thank god for parents indeed. I wish mine lived closer. x


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