Saturday, August 13, 2011

Grateful for blogging

Today I'm joining up with Maxabella Loves and talking about blogging.

I started blogging as a kind of memory journal for my family and I, because it is such an easy way to do it and I'm too lazy for scrapbooking. But my blog has started to evolve and is becoming more and more for me. I still want to make the memories, but I think it's also so good for the soul.

I'm also getting a bit involved in the blogging community and I just love it. I love the communication- speaking and being heard. It really helps with the loneliness. I'm also discovering so much about the kindness and generosity of other bloggers.

A week or so ago, I won a giveaway on Melissa @ Suger Coat It's facebook page.Yesterday a parcel arrived in the mail and it was one of these cute little owls made by A boys Mumma. Thank you so much ladies!!!

Very clever yes?
Georgie just thinks it's yummy

So today I am just really grateful for blogging... I'm grateful for the people I've gotten to know and just loving where the journey has taken me so far.


  1. I'm fairly certain you are the only person whose ever swung by my blog, but I pretend there's a huge fan base anyway to keep me blogging. You're right, it is good for the soul (and in my case, definitely memory). I love your blog.

  2. Yay for blogging! Such a sweet owl xo

  3. The blogging community can be such a wonderful place can't it!

  4. Spot on, Robyn. Blogging is good for the soul. x

  5. love it, my thoughts exactly :)

    I need one of those owls!

  6. They're very cute! A boys mumma has a whole lot on display on her facebook page :)

  7. Isn't it great? :) Congrats on your win!

  8. Glad the Owl is loved!! :)

    Zoe ( a boys mumma )


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