Sunday, May 1, 2011

Embracing it

We have been away and I was going to write a catch-up blog post. But instead I am very, very, very, tired, and I was going to go to sleep. Georgie however, had different ideas. She is teething and after being asleep, since 7pm,  has now decided to wake up and be deliriously happy, and there is nothing I fear I can do to get her to sleep yet (aside from maybe trying to go for a drive, but I think that could result in an accident) So she is playing on the floor beside me and I am embracing it, dammit!

Here is a timeline of how our night has been so far:

7:00pm- After a feed and a dose of panadol Georgie went down for the night. (Ha!) Then Mummy went and cooked dinner and was just sitting down to eat it and watch Anne of Green Gables. 

7:38pm- Mummy and Daddy were halfway through eating when a little girl started to cry. Mummy went in and patted her back to sleep while her dinner got cold.

7:53pm - 9:30pm- Georgie went back to sleep and Mummy went back to eating dinner. Then Mummy and Daddy had bowl of ice cream watching Anne of Green Gables while Daddy did some study. Then Mummy got up and did some tidying, hung out some washing and cleaned the bathroom. Daddy decided to go to bed and Mummy went to bed to give him a cuddle.

9:31pm- As Mummy and Daddy were cuddling, Georgie cried. Mummy went back in and gave Georgie a top up feed then put her back to bed.

9:31pm- 9:45pm- Mummy went and had a shower and put the dog out and then got into bed for a minute. Then she heard the little girl cry again. 

9:45pm- Mummy walked into Georgie's room to smell a very stinky bottom. She changed the smelly girl and then tried to get her back to sleep.

And tried.

And tried.
Mummy patted the baby, she rocked the baby, she fed the baby. She tried to give the baby teething gel. The baby girl alternated between crying, rubbing her eyes, almost going to sleep, playing and looking wide awake.

Mummy swore.

11:49pm- Mummy decided she'd had enough and took the little girl to bed with her. Georgie started laughing and playing and rolling over Mummy and Daddy. Then she woke up Daddy who was not happy to be awake.

12:03am- Mummy decided she didn't know what else to do and felt like her eyeballs were about to fall out, so she took the little girl back to her bed to cry. Georgie lay in her bed and played for a while before she then got upset and cried, then screamed. Mummy cried.

12:10am- Daddy got up and tried to pat little girl. Georgie screamed louder because Daddy was not Mummy. Daddy tried to change Georgie and she screamed like she was being murdered. Mummy got out of bed and walked into Georgie's room and then she magically stopped and started smiling again. Mummy and Daddy almost cried. Mummy decided to try to give the little girl Neurofen so Daddy held Georgie while she coughed and spluttered and cried. (She likes the taste of panadol, but not neurofen)

12:23am- Mummy decided she was going to embrace it and told Daddy to go back to bed. Then Mummy put on some music and she and Georgie walked around the dark house. Georgie laughed and played and did not act tired at all, so Mummy decided to write a blog post after all.

Now it is 1:14am and Georgie is just starting to get a bit of a whinge going so I am going to put on some more music and try again.

Please pray for us.

And finally, just because this is my blog and I can do whatever I please, for your viewing pleasure, here is a music video by Tenth Avenue North called You are More.

Is good.


  1. Oh, man I could have written this post. I especially sympathise with the 'mummy swore' then 'mummy cried' bits. I usually resist the temptation to embrace being up and actually do something productive, but I might have to do more of that in future. Did she end up going back to sleep in the end??

  2. Hey Amanda! Yeah she went down at like 2am until about 6am and then had a big sleep that day. But she has been teething badly and now has 6 teeth! I'm going to try to get to playgroup tomorrow so hopefully will see you there! :)


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