Thursday, May 5, 2011

Dear Georgie,

At the moment you are asleep and it is 9:30am. But I'm letting you have a sleep in because we are both sick and we had a bad night. I have been up and listening for you so much last night because we went to the Doctor yesterday and she put me on guard for croup, something that, even though is very treatable now, is still very scary. I've read too many old books I guess.

It's funny, I woke up and I have had a nice child-free breakfast, and shower and have done my morning jobs, and now I have had some time on the computer without a little girl at my feet, and at first it was so delicious, some precious 'me' time, without you.........But now, I am lonely. I like my little girl. Life was much easier, and much more selfish without you. But it's a whole lot nice with you. I'm so glad God gave you to me.


  1. I hope she and you feel better soonest! Hope its not croup. I was worried my lil one had it, fortunately just a cough. Vicks rubbed into her feet with a pair of socks...helped here.

  2. You're funny like me - sometimes at night, if I was up late and couldn't sleep, I would make a little noise to see if I could get Peyton to wake up so I could play with her.

    Of course, that was another kid ago and she was really little. Now I just want a minute to myself!


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