Sunday, May 1, 2011

Beautiful Sunday

This afternoon I had to drive Shane out to his parents place to pick up a truck. We left at that beautiful time of day when the sun is just right and there is a gorgeous haze. Plus, Georgie was doing these ones:

It was a stunning afternoon.

This is why I would hate to live in the city. I love living somewhere where I can go for a drive and within two minutes can see sights like this. I love the space.


  1. Oh god you're in writer's heaven! I wanna live there too!

  2. Lol- thanks Kris.... hmmm, somedays it's heaven and somedays it's less heavenly and more boring. My town is only quite small and is many hours away from any city. But it sure can be beautiful- especially in the right light!

  3. I think I had a zen moment just looking at these! Absolutely stunning!

  4. Love these pictures - so gorgeous!

    I also love a sleeping cherub - precious xx


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