Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Just walk...

When the day has been long, and the walls get too close,

When the house is untidy, and the bin is full,

When the husband is away, and the baby is screaming,

When the toddler is moving at lightening speed,

When the washing is still hanging up on the line,

When you've just bathed the dog and found she has fleas,

When the Wiggles aren't even working anymore,

When the dishes are piling up in the sink,

When the bed is unmade and you can't see the floor,

When you'd kill for some chocolate, or maybe some wine,

When you just want to cry, or run away from it all,

Just get out the pram, strap them in... and walk.

Just walk.

Yesterday, it helped.

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  1. I love long walks too. Helps to clear my head and lift my spirit :)

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  2. There is nothing better than to get outside and away from it all. Fresh air, change of scenery - I love it. It always helps me think more clearly and refocus.

  3. I have always been a fan of just walking, getting out there and letting the fresh air and sunshine clear you mind and soul.

  4. So, so true. We did exactly that this morning. Walked, fed some ducks and walked again. The dishes can wait (P.S. Our Wiggles DVD is so badly scratched it no longer works, either. Tragedy!!)

  5. Yep. Just walk.
    Love it.
    It's probably something very scientific like endorphins that helps, but I think being out in God's creation is the best bit.

    You're doing a wonderful job Robyn xxx

  6. I love to walk when Im feeling stressed.. Its an instant stress deliver isn't it!!..... agree with Jess its all about those endorphins that we dont get when we sit on our behinds.. (i wish we did sometimes!!)

  7. I love it. Very much relate - something about a walk is just so relaxing and diffuses a range of emotions - for mummy and kids.

  8. Walking is so therapeutic. And we all have days like that when everything seems to go wrong! I can definitely relate!

  9. Great advice. I think that might be me these school holidays!


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