Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Solo parenting is kicking my butt

I love my little girl, but to describe her as a handful is an understatement.... she's more like an armful! Maybe two arms full, even. I know that everyone says it about their toddlers. But she is seriously one of the busiest little people ever! I have been comparing her to my friends kids, and other kids I have cared for, (and not to be all poor-me) but she really is full-on! She's not bad, but she's just so incredibly busy.

Our house is as toddler proof as possible. But there is only so much you can do. This morning alone, while we had breakfast, did a quick tidy, showered, dressed and left the house, she managed to cause all kinds of trouble. She dumped the bin over and put the rubbish all over the kitchen floor and I'm hoping to God that she didn't eat anything in it, she put her towel in the (full) bath, along with her shoes, because I forgot to drain it. And she managed to pull out all of the nappy wipes. Not to mention all the other assorted mischief.

I've always been a fan of free-range parenting, but with Georgie it's a little bit like an extreme sport. I love her so very much, but at the same time, what I wouldn't give for a pause button!! She really is the most adorable little monkey, and I loves her to bits, but my goodness, that girl!

Night time is really hard, because she's gotten into the habit of wanting lots of cuddles before bed. Which is understandable, she needs some one-on-one time, but it's so hard to give it to her when I have a screaming baby as well. I always seem to be rushing around like a madwoman between crying children at night and some nights it's all just too much.

Fortunately Charlie is such a good natured little guy. He is really one of the happiest babies. He can be jumped on and attacked by his sister and he hardly even bats an eyelid! He does have his unhappy times at night when his reflux flares up, but even that's not too bad. Mylanta and cuddles fixes it pretty well. He is also a champion sleeper. He sleeps most nights from around ten or eleven pm until seven or eight in the morning, so I really can't complain! A good night's sleep makes a huge difference to how well I cope during the day.

I have also been exercising much more and that is helping. I try to walk with the kids every day. And some days I have been able to take a break while Mum looks after the kids and I get to go for a bike ride or a swim instead. I have managed to do some form of exercise every day that Shane's been away, and it's great! It's a habit I plan on continuing when he gets home too!

The hardest part is probably just the fact that we all miss Shane. Georgie is constantly saying 'Daddee Daddee?' and looks for him often. But it is not for long and she loves to see him on the computer through skype. And I really just miss my person, you know? I miss the person who I talk to about everything, and the person I snuggle up to at night. I miss my friend. But the people around me have been so wonderful. My family has been helping a lot, especially my Mum, plus I have some good friends. One of my friends in particular is so great. She has children who are almost the exact same age as my two, and so she 'gets' this completely. She has been so amazingly helpful, I have seen her often and she is constantly doing little things that help lift me up.

It is hard work, but we're coping. We're getting close to the halfway mark now. I really do take my hat off to the parents who do it alone all the time, it is so much hard work! I am tired, and busy, but still doing okay. My husband is coming home, soon. And if nothing else, this time has helped me appreciate him even more!


  1. Single parent times are tough! But it makes you appreciate your person all the more. Kids seem to have an innate sense of the times you really need them to be good - and then do the opposite! Monkeys!

  2. Your doing an amazing job! I know I wouldnt be able to handle it. i count down the hours some days till hubby is home. Just think your nearly half way. You get to count down soon.


  3. When Mr Accident is away, like now, the thing I miss most is having someone too laugh with when the kids do something cool, or having someone to sigh with when Peanut's stood in the dogs water bowl in her shoes for the third time that morning.... I miss my person, too.

    And I hear you about the damage they can do in one shower. Now I just shut them in the bathroom with me and give them a pack of tissues to shred. It's easier to clean than a hallway full of blue crayon!

    1. Lol. Most of the time I have a shower with Georgie- and then fill up the bath and let her play while I get dressed. It's just sometimes she manages to put things in with us! :)

  4. It is hard, I am totally with you at the moment. Mr J has been away for three weeks tomorrow and we have another week and a half to go. I am so short fused and grumpy. Now that the baby is on the move and not having much day sleep It's so hard to have a shower and I will admit that some days I just don't, like today.
    I hope your husband is home soon. It is hard. Very hard. xx


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