Thursday, March 1, 2012


So last week the kids and I went to Brisbane to spend a week there while Shane was working. The kids went on their first plane trip, and they were so good! They slept the entire time, with Georgie on my Dad's lap, and Charlie on mine. We flew down with my Dad, who was going down anyway to see a specialist, and then Shane drove down in the car and picked us up at the airport. And let me tell you, flying is fantastic! What took Shane 6 hours in the car only took us 50 minutes in the plane.

Also, last week we had out first 'proper' outing, as such, as a a family of four. It was pretty great. The kids and I took the ferry to Southbank, in Brisbane, (which turned out to be surprisingly easy- we took the ferry a lot) and then Shane met us there when he finished work.

It was a pretty great night. Georgie played madly on play equipment, and Charlie did lots of sleeping. We had dinner at a nice Greek restaurant, which honestly wasn't that wonderful (because, you know dining out with 2 children under 2 is never going to be super-romantic). But the food was good, and it was nice to have another pair of hands to help with the juggling act. Then we wandered along the riverbank, and took a ride on the big Ferris wheel. That was.... an experience. Charlie had a poopy nappy (a fact that I only discovered after we got on) and screamed the entire time, Georgie was a bit uncertain about the whole thing, and we couldn't turn our inside light off, so we didn't really get to see too much of the scenery. So really, we kind of payed $32 (!) for 12 minutes of craziness... but it was still okay.

After that we sat down on the lawn and changed nappies, saw a possum run by us, which was a little bit random, got ice cream and the walked slowly back to the ferry stop. It was a pretty successful outing, and ended up being a really great night.

I actually had a pretty good time in Brisbane. It was tough having Shane at work, but because I was alone with the kids by myself all day, and we were stuck in a two-bedroom apartment (which was all white!). So I had to make myself go out, but that was good. It was really nice of Shane's boss to offer to let us stay in his apartment on Kangaroo Point instead of having the little one's cramped in a motel room. It made life so much easier (and cheaper!).

We rode the ferry a lot, went for huge walks and played in lots of parks, swam in our pool a bit, and I drove all by myself in Brisbane, which was surprisingly okay, I only got lost once. I did a bit of shopping, but not too much, because Georgie could only stand shopping in small doses. But it was a good week. It was nice to push myself, and do things that I'd never done before, and that I didn't think I could. It was a memory-making week. It was a pretty great adventure.


  1. Very very brave with the 2 under 2 on your own all day! Well done! Looks like you had a great time.

    p.s. maybe next time you come to Brissie you'll have to put the call out and we can have a bloggers-playdate:) i'm sure there would be some others!

    1. I thought about that- I know a few Brisbane bloggers I would love to meet. But I didn't want to put too much pressure on myself while I still had such a young baby, plus I wasn't too confident driving around much. But next time I think that's a definite plan! :)


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