Monday, February 27, 2012

this? it's pretty darn good

So today I wanted to do lots of things. I was hoping to wash clothes, get my house a little more organised, unpack, clean, and catch up with a wonderful friend of mine who has a new baby that I haven't seen yet. I also really wanted to do some blog-catching up while the kids had their daytime naps, because I've got so much to tell you!

I wanted to write about our great week in the city, about how much fun we had, and all the good and bad things that happened. I especially wanted to tell you all about the kids first plane trip and ferry ride, and the fact that on our first night back, both kids slept for 12 hours straight! (yes, it was awesome).

But instead, the little guy decided that today is a day for cuddles. And honestly? He is just so delicious at the moment, that I don't mind. Not one little bit. He is so amazingly cute right now, and I loves him hard!


  1. oh he is incredibly gorgeous. Can't wait to read about your adventure and super cool on the sleep factor. Hope it lasts

  2. oh yes, what a super-cute little man. Enjoy your cuddles!

  3. He is soo delicious. Make the most of those gorgeous baby cuddles.


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