Thursday, February 9, 2012


Life is mostly froth and bubble, two things stand like stone. Kindness in another's trouble, Courage in  your own. 
~Adam Lindsay Gordon

It has been a big week here. The town is slowly recovering, but there is still a long way to go. However this week I have just been blown away by how amazingly kind people can be. The sense of community has been fantastic.

Our town has been a bit of a disaster area, and there are many people who are just devastated. One family in particular was hit the hardest as there was a mother who lost her life in the floods. However it has been amazing to see the good come out of so much bad.

The power of social media never ceases to surprise me. There have been Facebook groups set up to help assist those affected. One group delivers baked goods to people as they are working to clean up flooded houses. Another is doing as much washing as they can for those who have been affected, and then another group has been set up to help collect, organize and distribute the practical donations. It's just so wonderful to see how good people can be at times, and it's great to see how people have just thrown themselves into helping.

I feel a bit bad, as I haven't done too much to assist in the clean up. From Friday to Sunday Shane was busy helping people move furniture out of the path of the water, and then cleaning up. But I haven't done very much, aside from a little bit of cooking. It's a bit hard with such small children- Charlie's not even six weeks old yet. Plus, Georgie and I are both sick at the moment (that's why it's taken me so long to publish this post- I've been writing it a little bit at a time!). Honestly, it's been all I can do at the moment to take care of my own family, especially when Shane has had to be in the city for work most of the week. But fortunately Charlie seems to have escaped the virus, and Georgie is getting better now, so hopefully we will be back to normal soon! I'm looking forward to going through our cupboards when I am up to it and seeing what we have that could be better used by others.

The recovery is going to take a long time, it's definitely going to be a process. But it is great to see the town come together so well, and head in the right direction. The courage and kindness that has been on display in this past week has been so wonderful.

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  1. It's hard not to feel guilty for "not helping" when there's so much to be done but please don't. You've been praying and keeping us informed so we can pray and that is helping. You've freed up your husband to help which considering you have two small children was very selfless. Your body is still recovering from labour, if you can cope on your own with a newborn and a sick toddler then you are doing well.

    I still feel guilty for not helping in the Brisbane/Ipswich floods last year but i was sick, my 10 month old was sick, hubby was away and the pantry was virtually empty and the shops were closed and nobody wanted any material donations coz they had nowhere to put them. I 'helped' by staying out of the way and praying. It's all I could do.

  2. It's amazing how tragedy can bring people together. I think you can be forgiven for not being able to help much, given your situation! Definitely not something you should feel guilty about. And I'm sure any bit of cooking you've been able to do would have been greatly appreciated. It's easy for people not affected by the disaster to not even think about it. I hope the cleanup and recovery is quick for you all.

  3. I completely agree with The Mother Experiment's comments about not feeling guilty. Hope the clean up and recovery efforts continue to go well.

  4. You are such an amazing person Robyn, I know you feel like you would like to do more to help but I have to agree with Kaylee, you have done so much!!

    It was a wonderful contribution for your Husband to make, even though you guys have a new born and are also sick. It must taken a mammoth effort to look after your family and yourself so that your husband could help! you are amazing!!

  5. Sending so much love Robyn. Agree completely with what others have said, being a mother to your two little ones and sparing the hub who has so generously helped out IS doing something. Something really important at that.


  6. You are doing something huge, you are caring for your family - making sure you are getting healthy again. Now is not the time to be ending up in hospital.

    Take care of yourself and your children first.

  7. Robyn! I'm so sorry! I must have been living under a rock! I didn't even know you were anywhere near the flood areas! So sorry!
    I'm glad you're ok, and don't feel bad. You are incredibly gracious letting Shane go when you're sick with two small children to look after. I'll be praying. Xxx


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