Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A much nicer day...

5:30am. Charlie stirs. Shane wakes up and starts getting ready for work and you reach over and attach Charlie to your side and go back to sleep. Burp him, and repeat on the other side. Then doze together until Shane pops his head in and gives you a kiss to say goodbye. Mumble 'have a good day, love you' unintelligibly and go back to sleep.

8:20am. Awake to noises of cats fighting in the driveway and kids being dropped off at school across the road. Stretch luxuriously, smiling at a sleep-in, and then get up carefully without disturbing Charlie and go get Georgie who is sitting in her cot chatting to herself.

Breakfast. Washing up. Phone call from sister Jenny to discuss going out for coffee. Decide that today you will attempt the outing. Will aim for 10:30-ish at the coffee shop. Mum will call when she gets out of the Doctor's. Make beds, empty bins, put washing on, sweep floor. Georgie empties out her toy shelf systematically, then moves onto climbing on the couch. No don't jump on Chloe. Check on Charlie... still asleep. Get ready for shower. Charlie wakes up. Damn.

Sit down to feed Charlie, but Georgie gets upset that Mummy is not paying attention to her. Wiggles. Happiness. Mum rings, 'time for coffee?' 'I haven't had a shower yet!' Jenny will come up and help us get out of the house. Aunty Jenny arrives. Happy Georgie. Shower. Thank God quietly for people. Mum arrives too. Jenny hangs out washing. Dressed, ready, finally. Time to go out Georgie?

Watch her nearly explode with happiness when we get to the coffee shop. It's the first time we've been back since Charlie was born. It used to be a weekly occurrence. She runs to the toy corner, gets her highchair. Points imperiously when the waitress brings her some morning tea. Soy latte for Mummy. Talk. Bliss.

Decide to go to The Target to get gumboots. Notice little boys clothes on sale outside. Mum and Georgie go to find gumboots. See nice looking blue striped shirt for you. Remember Shane needs some shorts, and shirts. No polo shirts in his size. Ponder the merits of a nice red and blue checked, button-up shirt. Decide he won't wear it. End up with just the shorts. Discuss a top with Jenny. It's nice, she should get it.

Mum and Georgie come back with boots. Decide to have a quick look at ladies clothes. Hurry up and go away baby weight. Decide you really need some jeans that fit. Go to try on shirt and jeans. Yes. Hear Grandma trying to distract tired-sounding Georgie outside. Grandma sounds tired too. Look at the clock, and contemplate how much money you will/can spend. Notice Charlie has piddled through his onsie onto on your shirt.  Time to go. Leave The Target, put children in the car and thank Mum. Bye Grandma!

It's been a good morning.


  1. Shopping certainly makes any mornings that much better heehee

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  2. *sad face* working instead of going out for coffee with you guys is so NOT COOL!

  3. Glad today was better. I find iPhone apps are great at keeping my toddler when I'm feeding/settling the baby. That or TV. x

  4. Love it! My only suggestion is to shower as soon as you have fed Georgie, BEFORE you empty the bins and make the beds!!! lol


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