Saturday, March 10, 2012

Fun and Games...

A while ago, back in February, Erin from Eat Play Bond tagged me in the latest bloggy game. But I have been really slack and haven't done it yet. So I am finally getting myself into gear and getting onto it!

Describe yourself in seven words
Content, passionate, mother, christian, busy, driven, helpful

What keeps you up at night?
At the moment I'm watching Greys Anatomy. Generally it's Charlie, but its also me. I stay awake for no good reason, to blog, or read, or do nothing in particular, just because I like to have a little bit of time without the kids. It's stupid, and most nights my eyes are hanging out of my head, and yet I still do it. I'm also much worse when Shane's away, because it takes me much longer to go to sleep when he's not next to me.

Who would you like to be?
An amazing mother, wife, daughter, sister, and friend.

What are you wearing right now?
My pajamas; a black nursing singlet and purple stripey pajama pants.

What scares you?
There are so many things that scare me, but the thing that terrifies me the most is the idea of the people I love going to hell.

What are the best and worst things about blogging?
The best, for me, is the writing. I love being able to put words down and having them mean something. I like what it does for me, it makes my life better, being able to write, and I love it when I make a connection with someone else through my writing and someone 'gets' what I've written.

The worst, is probably when I let blogging get too big, too much, too important and let it impact upon my life negatively and I start to judge myself harshly and compare myself to others.

What was the last website you visited?
Facebook. I've just been doing up my page for my blog, and it's all pretty and stuff.

What is one thing you would like to change about yourself?
Only one? That's hard. Honestly If I answered straight away without thinking I'd probably choose to lose weight and get to my goal weight immediately. It's very superficial of me.... but it's the truth. If I thought carefully and was being profound I'd probably want to be able to control my temper better.

Slankets - yes or no?
Slankets, snuggies, call them what you will, they are just plain wrong.

Tell us something about the person who tagged you
Erin is one of the earliest bloggers I started following who I found and I felt like she was just like me. A mum, telling her story. She is different to me in lots of ways, but at the same time we are quite similar. There is an authenticity about her that I like, and she is very, very funny sometimes!

Now the fun part continues. I get to tag five bloggers so they can now share ten things about themselves.

Karlee at The Mother Experiment

Veronica at Mixed Gems

Anna at Green Tea n Toast

Amy at Amy Lime and Soda

Rhianna at A Parenting Life



  1. Thanks for tagging me! And in your jammies no less, I feel so lucky hehe.

  2. Whoa! Thanks for the tag. Now I've a blog post to write! Given I was languishing a bit in inspiration, that's a great help!

  3. Is it sad that I've got a big smile on my face coz "she picked me! She picked me!"
    What terrifies you most should be what terrifies all Christians the most. I've become an expert at blocking it out and that's terrible.:(

  4. Oh no! can't believe I've only just seen this. I've been so rubbish on twitter recently. Bad blogger! Thanks so much for the tag. I actually filled in the same questions a little while ago (thanks to a baby called Max). Great answers. And thanks for some new blogs to check out too. xx


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