Monday, July 25, 2011

My Place and Yours: Cookbooks

Today's theme over at My Place and Yours is Cookbooks.

My cookbooks used to take pride of place in my pretty bookshelf.

But I ended up moving them because they were in the bottom shelves and somebody, (not mentioning any names) decided that when she got mobile, it was a good idea to rip them and eat them- maybe the pictures looked too good to resist? Consequently, the bottom shelves became toy shelves and now my cookbooks live here.

In my coffee table drawer. They are a bit squished, and hard to get to, but at least they're safe.

That is all my books except these two, which are used so regularly that they have to live in the kitchen. The first is my Day to Day cookery, which I've mentioned before, and the second is just a folder, but it holds all my favourite recipes that I've copied or printed off the internet or gotten a friend to write down. I would be very sad to lose it.

So that's where my cookbooks are kept. Why not hop on over to Kate and Michael + 3 and play along?


  1. I love my Day to Day Cookery as well! So good for the basics.

    I do cook with my laptop now more than cookbooks, it's always beside me in the kitchen. I'm a horrible cook, so it's handy for googling things like 'How to dice tomatoes' and 'How long to boil potatoes' :P

  2. Oh I like that idea! Then you have them nice and close when you want to check a ecipe while your in front of the Tv or writing your shopping list!

  3. Such a pity that you can't see all your pretty recipe books! I know what you mean though because Addie loves to 'read' mine too, but she's not allowed in the kitchen so they're safe-ish there. I have a great recipe folder that my friend gave me for the same purpose as your pink book, its fantastic. Hopefully our grandkids will treasure those collections one day!


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