Friday, July 8, 2011

A good day

I went grocery shopping yesterday, and realised that our big heavy-duty jogging (ha!) pram was in the boot of the car. So I decided to put the groceries in parcel pick up and get them later after I'd gone home and disposed of said pram.

Georgie and I did the groceries. She giggled and smiled at everyone she met, which is quite a change from the sullen, staring baby that used to go shopping with me. She made lots of old people smile and chat. It was good. We went through the checkout and I made the checkout chick's day by forgetting that I needed to put the groceries in parcel pick up until she was halfway through bagging them... but you know, such is life.

Then we went out to the car. And I couldn't find my keys. By this time Georgie was starting to get a little tired and was letting me know, so I was frantically searching every possible pocket, when I remembered. I attach my keys to the trolley.

It's a good idea in theory. I attach them to the metal bars behind Georgie so she can't eat them, and that way I don't lose them (again, ha!). I raced back inside but my trolley had already been taken to the bowels of the supermarket. So we went round to the parcel pick up area, and I buzzed the buzzer and waited an inordinate amount of time, praying that my keys would still be there. When the pick-up guy opened the door, I said, "I've done something a bit silly..." And he replied, "Your keys?" So we shared a laugh and he went and got them."I figured someone would be along shortly."

Thank You God!!

You know what? Sometimes the world is a really nice place to live.

It was a good day.

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  1. How great of the guy to have a laugh with you! That is a good day! Haha, I used to be a checkout chick and the things that used to annoy me most about customers are the things I do nearly all the time. I just smile, say thank you and let them know I totally appreciate their attitude and annoyance with me.


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