Wednesday, April 6, 2011

New hair!

So, today I got my hair cut. I've been contemplating getting it short for a while now, and this morning I woke up exceptionally grouchy and sad, and decided, I wanted a change and I wanted it now dammit! Plus, Wednesday's are my Mum's days off and the best days for appointments and things.

I was feeling really great when the hairdresser started chopping at my hair, but then when it was done and they had put a few foils through and dried it I started to feel exceptionally nervous! I was suffering from a huge case of Oh-my-Goodness-what-have-I-done-I-haven't-had-short-hair-for-over-5-years-and-I-won't-be-able-to-tie-it-up.... and it was all bad! It probably didn't help that the apprentice dried my hair and she was teeny bit rough and was making it poofy and I did not want poofy!

But then my hairdresser came back and showed her how to do it properly, and she straightened it a bit and then took a lot more hair off, because my hair is thick yo! And by the end of it I was feeling okay.

So here it is:

I am reasonably happy with the hair. Although it will probably be a totally different story tomorrow morning after I wash it and try to style it myself- especially considering the hair straightener is not my best friend!

Also, Georgie decided to get in on the photo action.... and I realised I haven't taken photos of her for a really long time! Isn't she cute? Note the teeth!


And yeah, that's my Wednesday in a nutshell. So...... what's the verdict people? Bearing in mind that I am very fragile.... (so basically comment if you like it and shush if you don't!)


  1. I LOVE it!!!!!! You look gorgeous (but you usually do anyway!) But wow beautiful!

    And Georgie has teeth!!! So cute

    P.S This is Cill lol

  2. Hi ya!
    I think it looks great - very sexy and very chic! :) Good on ya! Just have some fun with the styling, I'm sure you'll figure it out and it will be quick & easy to do! :)


  3. Thanks girls! It's nice to get positive comments- especially because Shane is away and he's not around to pander to my insecurities and tell me I'm pretty... also HI CILL! :)

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