Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Confession: I am a scrubsaholic

I love, love, LOVE the television show scrubs. I have all of the seasons and have watched it ever since season 1. This right here? My favorite scene from any episode ever!

Also, I have a baby who is sick and will not sleep and I'm about ready to.... do something. Maybe inhale a kilogram of chocolate (spot the emotional eater here!) I have put her to sleep 4 times in the past 2 hours. She just keeps waking up. And.... there she goes again.

This really sucks.


  1. Hey Robyn! I have NEVER watched an episode of Scrubs - I wanted to, then it was on for too long and I thought I'd be lost if I picked it up - but now I'll have to rethink that. Thank God for Netflix! I wonder if it's streaming yet...

    As for screamy, unsleepy baby: I used to have a boyfriend that lived by these words" "Ain't nothin' that can't be fixed with an 8-ounce ball-peen hammer." Use that however you'd like ;-)

  2. Poor sick baby, that sucks - hope she's better!


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