Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bits and pieces

Today I have bits and pieces of stuff to say, so here it is.

1. I love my baby so much, but I like her a lot when she sleeps. (Bad Mummy okay? okay.)

2. My town has flooded yo!! Check it:

 *All these pictures were taken from

And it is just terrible. We are okay because we live up on a hill on the opposite side of town. But so many others have had their houses flooded. And this has already happened a year ago- so people have just refurbished and wrangled with insurance companies (some have not even finished wrangling with insurance companies from last year) and boom! There's 10 inches of water back in your house!  Please pray for those affected because it sucks. It just sucks.

3. I feel really bad because even though all this flooding is so very devastating, I am feeling pretty okay at the moment. All the rain has meant that Shane actually gets to have a decent break, and we needed it. Plus he was supposed to be working for Easter but now is not, so that's pretty great.

4. My nieces rock! Last night my sister Cathy (not their Mum, just the bestest Aunty in the whole wide world) did this big thing with them where she did a My Kitchen Rules thing with them.

*Image taken from

They each cooked a course and we judged them (which was really really hard by the way). But my niece Rachel won with her pumpkin pie for dessert. I am so proud of her. I think she really needed to win and her pastry was freaking awesome! They are such clever girls and they had so much fun. Great idea for school holidays and even better if you have a fantastic Aunty that will do it with them.

5. I am usually an Easter Grinch. I am not a huge fan of Easter chocolate, it is cheap and nasty. (Give me a small block of exceptional-quality yummy chocolate over lots of Easter bunnies any day of the week) And I hate the way Easter is all about commercialism. It's all about lollies and candy and hardly anyone remembers the Jesus in it. At least at Christmas there is the general 'love and giving' theme. Easter is all about indulgence- it just irks me.

But this year I am actually pretty psyched for Easter. I think it's because Shane has the time off and we are actually planning on doing things this Easter like catch up with friends, go to markets, have family get-togethers and go away. Plus, I'm leading worship for the Easter service at church and I am really trying to get back to the core of Easter this year. Also, we have decided that we are not doing any Easter chocolate. We don't need it, and Georgie won't know what she's missing yet. Plus she's a bit small to be ingesting all that sugar and fat. So yeah- Easter fun! Who knew?

And  that's about it.

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