Tuesday, April 12, 2011

9 months.... (or 9 and a half months if you want to be really accurate)

I have been promising myself that I would do a Georgie update post, and (finally) here it is!

Dear Miss Georgina,

This month you are 9 months old.
You are getting to be cheekier every day.
You make me smile a lot.
You also make me freaking tired.
You are into everything.
You are full of 'mumumumum's'
No 'dadadada's' yet though
(Hurry it up won't you? Daddy is feeling neglected)
You are a flirt.
You are climbing up on everything and standing up a lot,
Occasionally you might even let go of things and balance all by yourself.
You are growing and changing so much.
You are getting much more social and love people.
You are so much fun.
You sometimes get yourself stuck in some pretty silly places.
And you have developed a fascination with the bathroom and the toilet roll.
(It's a pain).
You love the puppy.
You feed the puppy a lot of the time too.
You have developed a liking for Promite.
You already want to feed yourself.
You laugh and giggle and squeal.You make each day a little bit brighter.
I love you.

The new grumpy face- makes me have hysterics!

No, I am not mean and horrible, Daddy took this picture. Pretty funny though huh?

I tried to get a picture of my family- but you know, animals and children.

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