Friday, April 8, 2011

Mummy: learn

Today I am participating in FlogYoBlog Friday over at Glowless's and I am reminding myself...

1. It is so worth it to take 5 minutes out, and pat my child to sleep, even though I might be grumpy because I want to go eat dinner before it gets cold for once. Because 5 minutes of patting with an hour of sleeping is so much better, than no patting and 10 minutes of screaming, followed by an hour of patting.

2. It is ALWAYS a good idea to check on my child when I am sitting on the computer (something that takes 15 seconds out of my day) and she is crawling around in the living area, because, when I think about checking her and don't, she will have tipped the dog's water all over the floor and herself, which will then result in a good 15  minutes of cleaning.

3. Sometimes, when the baby is tired, sick and upset, it is okay to blow off playgroup/coffee dates/catching up/walking, because most of the time people will understand, and neither you or your child are going to have a good time if you go out anyway.

4. It is okay to put a screaming baby down, walk away and then burst into tears sometimes. It is definitely much better than screaming in said baby's face.

5. When your child is sick and your husband is away and you are just not coping, it's okay to be kind to yourself and bring your child to bed, you probably both need it.

6. Even when she bites the crap out of you and makes you bleed, breastfeeding is still the best possible nutrition for your child.

7. Even though you sometimes feel like she is sent to torment and torture you... she is still your baby girl and she really loves you. You are the most important person in the world to her.

8. Blogging is very good medicine.

9. Some days it's okay to go back to bed instead of tackling your housework. Even when your house looks like something sad and terrible has died and you have a pile of laundry as big as Everest.

And finally,

10. God is not a mean kid with a magnifying glass, with you as a tiny ant screaming 'We're all gonna die!!' even when it feels like it. He's really not.


  1. Love it.

    When I dont check on my crawling getting into everything little munchkin he's normally eating tissues, playing with the cords or trying to eat rubbish!

  2. They're awful with cords aren't they? I've got to really watch Georgie now because she's got really sharp teeth and I'm worried about her electrocuting herself!

  3. yep! we should all print this out and put it on our fridge as a constant reminder!

    Gill xo

  4. Oh yes, so very true.
    My boy bit me the other day, I screamed and it frightened him then he screamed the house down.
    When people ask why I blog I say it's cheaper than therapy and just as effective :)

  5. Glowless- how do you not scream when they do it? I tell my husband we're saving a tonne of money as blogging is very good therapy! And thanks gill :)


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