Friday, October 19, 2012

My children are not me.

You know something that sounds a little silly, but is true nonetheless? At times, I kind of forget that my children are not me.

They start off as little tiny creatures that are inside of you, so close, that it feels like the are a part of you. That emptiness after you've given birth, and suddenly there is no being inside of you.... it's a bit bittersweet. It's exhilarating, sure, to be so light all of a sudden. Yet it's also just a bit sad too, hollow. But the baby, the baby is so close. It still is a part of you. The baby still is you. Your milk nourishes it's tiny body, keeps it alive. Your child needs your touch, your scent. You are still one.

But then over time, it changes. They start to become independent little beings. Who have their own minds, their own desires, their own needs, their own feelings, and their own thoughts.

My children are not me.

I mean, if I wanted to, I could try and raise them as little carbon copies of myself. Not allow them to question, or think. Stifle their thoughts and feelings and force them to be something they are not. But that isn't what I want for them.

And so, they do things that are completely contrary to things I would do. They make choices that are completely impossible for me to understand. They may go off and live lives for themselves that I would never have imagined.

They are my tiny people, yes. But they are people. They are not me. And it's kind of weird to remember that. They won't be my babies for long. I have to let them make mistakes. Make their own choices. I have to cherish and take care of them. And help them learn to be whoever they are.

 Heck, the world's already got me. It needs Georgina. It needs Charles.

And that's even better.

Because those two little people are awesome.

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  1. Another beautiful post. And beautiful babies!
    I already know this is going to be something I struggle with. Am terrified of having a teenager who is completely uninterested in getting an education and doing things I consider 'worthwhile'. Must remember that they are who they are :)

  2. Such a great reminder - my kids have some vast differences to me, and sometimes I wonder where they came from!! I need to encourage them to be the best person that God created them to be, not who I want them to be. Great post.x

  3. They are so unique and fantastic in their own ways, all of them. I cant wait to see what the future holds for my 4.

  4. Lovely post and a good reminder. Even though my daughter is no longer a small child, I still have to remember that she is not me and she often thinks in a completely different way to me. I've had to pull myself up when presuming otherwise and also have had to tell her that it's great that we're different.

  5. Beautiful, bittersweet post Robyn. My 3 are most definitely their own people already, especially my 2 yo! But it is hard to sit back and let them just be - I completely understand that feeling.

  6. I constantly remind myself that they are also not mine. I'm just a steward in their care. It's a bittersweet thought but everyday from the day they are born, we are learning to let go. Boy that's tough, especially when they are so young still!

  7. Gorgeous. Both your writing and your children :)

  8. Oh, how gorgeous is that photo??!
    We are constantly reminded how independent our children are, aren't we? It can be really humbling. But yes, they are not ours but they're own person. Beautifully written.


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