Friday, October 5, 2012


Today my sister is moving.

It is a little bit sad. I am one of four girls, and for the last few years we have all lived in the same town. It's nice to be so close.

Jenny, my sister, has been down the road from us, since we bought our house almost 5 years ago. When we moved to this street, we bought the house next to my Grandma, and have been just 6 houses up from Jenny.

Yes, my family does close very well.

Now, we are the last ones left on the street.

I will miss being able to go for a quick stroll when I run out of milk or sugar. I will miss having cousins just down the road (especially when they are nearing the age of being able to baby sit!). I will miss being able to dash down the street to get Jenny to check on a child's rash. (She used to be a nurse, and is our family's go-to person when it comes to health). I will miss seeing her beautiful family at church every week, and I will miss being able to just pop in for a visit whenever I like.

But she will always be my sister.

It will be different, not having her family nearby. But we still be close, and her family will always be mine. She may not be just down the road anymore, but she will only be a phone call away.

Now we just get to look forward to lots of visiting, and someone to stay with when we go away!


  1. Is always sad when family moves away (unless it's the inlaws... kidding). I'm sure you'll be fine, though of course you will miss them, and as you say, it will be great to visit.
    I'm in the opposite situation at the moment - after living interstate from my sister for more than 10 years she's about to move and will be only half an hour from us. Can't wait!

  2. Or ... if you secretly bought the house next door to Jenny's new place, I'd love to see her face on Moving Day as you and your family turned up!


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