Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A good mum

I am learning.

Always I try. To be that elusive, ethereal, mystical being.

A good mum.

But I am discovering, that actually, she is different than I thought. She is not who she appears to be. I am learning, many, many things about the good mum.

That she doesn't have to do painting, or craft, or drawing.

That her children measure her by the depth of her love, not the depth of her folding pile.

It it doesn't matter how many mistakes she makes. 

That she needs to take better care of herself.

That she is allowed to not love every minute of her life.

It doesn't matter what her children eat sometimes. It just matters that they have food in their tummies.

That it's okay to have bad days... and not every day is a bad one... sometimes she can have some pretty great days too!

That a good mother is someone who makes sure that her children are cared for... even if occasionally, that means it is better if she is not the one doing the caring.

Her children need to see her smile.

That regardless of whether or not she feels like a good mother- by simply continuing to try to keep her head up, and get on with the job- she is one. And He who made her a mother and blessed her with these children will always help her. He qualifies the called.




  1. That's really beautiful. A good more is so much more that just the pretty little lady cooking the perfect meal or keeping her kids (and the house!) clean.

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  2. 100% true.. lovely post you have written Robyn...


  3. So true. Especially love how you say they need to see you smile. Not all the time, of course, but sometimes.

  4. Yep you got it in one. So well said. Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses lovely lady

  5. Well said. My folding piles pretty empty and last night my boys had peanut butter sandwiches for dinner because I was unwell, but my boys know they are well loved x

  6. Yes! Our kids love us because we are their Mum - not because the house is spotless or because we are Martha Stewart clones.

  7. Beauituful Robyn, and so very, very true. So many people can find freedom through this post.

  8. Wow, is that a bottle of formula on the arm of her couch? Controversial stuff! ('Breast Is Best' makes me feel awful about myself.)

    I love it. LOVE it. What a great picture.


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